Amazing, Simple: Carbavoid, The Fuel for the Future Published by Outskirts Press

This illustrated primer on nutrition basics helps children and adults easily grasp -- perhaps for the first time -- the function of the essential nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and fats in their diet so they can live longer, healthier lives.

Fort Smith, AR, September 15, 2011 --( Nurse, health expert and author Cindy Howlett announced today the release of Carbavoid, The Fuel for the Future, Learn How to Fuel Your Body so It Runs like a Sports Car, published by Outskirts Press. Using simple illustrations and the apt analogy of the body to an automobile, Howlett provides a strikingly clear explanation of carbohydrates, proteins and fats so that parents can easily help their children and themselves avoid the current epidemics of obesity and Type II diabetes and instead live longer, healthier and happier lives.

During her thirty year career as a nurse, Howlett became increasingly frustrated over the escalation of childhood obesity and diabetes. Determined to write a book about healthy nutrition that even children could understand, Howlett has produced a clever, illustrated work that also makes the essentials of a healthy diet easy for adults to understand.

Pictures do speak louder than words. Carbavoid, The Fuel for the Future stands out from the current widespread commotion of complex diet books by showing simply and directly how carbohydrates, proteins and fats work and how to use them to avoid the repeated sugar spikes that lead to obesity and diabetes. Howlett’s refreshingly simple guide quickly teaches anyone how to combine these basics and turn their body’s performance into that of a finely tuned sports car.

Readers may be surprised how easy it can be to understand exactly how sugary foods turn to fat, why protein is essential to muscular growth and cellular health, and how some fat is actually a friend. This is nutrition in a nutshell, and after a few minutes it’s possible to change forever the way one thinks about food.

Cindy Howlett is a nurse on a crusade to conquer childhood obesity and Type II diabetes and her new guide is an essential first step for anyone to understand diet and to begin, along with their children, to live a healthier life.

Carbavoid, The Fuel for the Future is available on-line in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at for a maximum trade discount in quantities of ten or more.

Format: 5.5 x 8.5 color paperback ISBN: 978-1-4327-6901-7 SRP: $23.95
e-Book: $5.00
Genre: Health and fitness/healthy living/diet and nutrition

About the author:
A nurse for thirty years, Cindy Howlett has seen the number of cases of obesity and Type II diabetes rise alarmingly. She did extensive research for her book, which is as amazing as it is simple, so that anyone can easily “get the picture” about a healthy diet. Cindy has lived the carbavoid lifestyle for ten years and continues to have the stamina and health of a woman much younger.

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