Creative Options Result in Effective Evangelism

Effective Evangelism Produces Many Results

Long Beach, CA, September 16, 2011 --( Now in his 33rd year , Norman Moore, President and Founder of Norman Moore Ministries, says "Four outstanding examples show results, verified by pastors."

Denton Maryland - Multiple Church Area Revival:

“In praying about and planning for this meeting, I was led by the Holy Spirit to see if we could find a way for this meeting to not only bless the people of Denton Nazarene, but also folks from other churches in our area. So, I invited seven area pastors to consider having their church collaborate with us in a Multiple-Church Revival.

“Three pastors and their congregations accepted the invitation: Bethel Wesleyan, Goldsboro, MD, First Wesleyan, Denton, MD, and New Life Wesleyan, Greensboro, MD.

“Norman’s preaching was anointed by God and seekers responded during every invitation, with a number finding significant help for particular needs; and many from each church making important decisions about their walk with the Lord. This meeting also served as a means of helping all four congregations and pastors build bridges with one another that I know will last for many years to come.

“I know we live in a day when some have decided against having revival meetings for various reasons. In my opinion, after 40+ years of pastoral ministry, there is still a place for revivals; and evangelists like Norman Moore help me continue to believe in the validity of having another voice come to the church to proclaim God’s Word.

“Norman Moore has been the Evangelist on seven different occasions in four separate churches over the past 25 years of my ministry; and this most recent multiple-church area revival was the eighth.”

- Rev. Harold Parry, Church of the Nazarene
Denton, Maryland

Charlotte, North Carolina - Four August Sundays of Revival:

“We are rejoicing in the days of revival that our church has just experienced. We had four Sundays of meetings with four different evangelists. Each one spoke to the heart and met different needs in people’s lives.

“Norman Moore spoke on practical holiness on Sunday evening and I believe everyone in the denomination should hear that message! We enjoyed each one’s ministry to us. Billy Huddleston brought a new understanding of a Bible text that I had never seen. Gary Bond spoke to the heart as he always does. And Mike Adams touched the heart through laughter and then brought truth that met needs. We love our month of revival Sundays at Pineville.”

- Rev. Michael Bearden, Pineville Church of the Nazarene
Charlotte, North Carolina

Kingman, Arizona - Summer Revival:

“I just wanted to give a praise report for the excellent revival we just closed with Rev. Moore. This was our fourth revival we have held with him. The Holy Spirit blessed in every service with seekers at the altars and with a physical healing!

“Norman’s messages were God-inspired and truly touched our hearts. We look forward to having Rev. Moore back with us in the future.”

- Rev. Tom Paine, Church of the Nazarene
Kingman, Arizona

Raytown, Missouri - Interim Pastor Hosts Revival:

“Our people responded to a gifted speaker with a tender heart. Norman’s messages were on target with people of all ages and there was freedom to respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Many people who came to our services with a broken life, left with a renewed hope of a loving God. Wow! What a great time in the Lord.”

- Rev. Michael Stipp, Interim Pastor, Southwood Church of the Nazarene
Raytown, Missouri

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