TAB Introduces New Software Solution for Hybrid Records Management

Mayville, WI, September 17, 2011 --( TAB Products Co LLC, the global leader in records management products and services, is pleased to announce the release of a new version of its records management software for hybrid environments.

The new software version, TAB FusionRMS 9.2, simplifies the management of records in any form - paper, physical and electronic – a perfect offering for organizations with hybrid records management needs.

TAB FusionRMS 9.2 includes a number of enhanced functionality features, including:

- Powerful search capabilities – the latest Optical and Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR) technology that uses computer algorithms to read text on 600 different file types, enables users to instantly locate physical or electronic records by typing in simple keywords rather than searching through chaotic network folders.
- Managing physical and electronic records together - TAB takes 55 years of experience in physical records management and incorporates it in TAB FusionRMS to allow clients quickly locate records, maintain file usage history, manage content of offsite storage locations and much more. It unifies the entire spectrum of today’s records management requirements into one easy-to-use system.
- Microsoft 2007 Office Interface – it is Microsoft protocol-based records management software which makes it more familiar and easier to use.

According to Ross Nepean, Vice-President of Global Marketing, the software helps users eliminate labour-intensive, ad-hoc and error-prone historic records management processes and, in turn, helps dramatically lower day-to-day costs of operations.

Carefully selected records management software will lower operational costs in several ways. Essential time is saved and business activities carry on as workers are no longer forced to sift through irrelevant and redundant material to find what they need. Also, companies eliminate the risk making unreliable decisions and business actions by no longer having to hold on to competing or contradictory versions of the same document.

In addition to seeking ways to cut operations costs related to records management, organizations must comply with increasingly stringent industry regulations and legal mandates around keeping and maintaining records and thus, selecting the right enhanced records management software is an important consideration in meeting these challenges.

“In hybrid environments, these challenges are magnified,” adds Nepean. “Fines and sanctions imposed by the IRS or other governing bodies can be an enormous cost consideration of organizations who do not comply.”

“Part of the process in choosing software should be carefully selecting a provider with a comprehensive knowledge of records management and its application of software tools, “says Billy Mitchell, Director of Technology Products at TAB. “Since the effective long-term use of software is tied to having the right records management structure in place, working with someone who understands both records and software is critical.”

TAB FusionRMS 9.2 is part of a suite of comprehensive records management software solutions used to simplify legal compliance, boost-efficiency and securely track paper and electronic records throughout their lifecycle. Records management software, such as FusionRMS, helps businesses and government agencies manage their documents more effectively.

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