atech system solutions Develops New Bioreactor Platform for Cell Culture-Based Manufacturing

The atech system solutions Ltd. presents a new generation of bioreactor systems for cell culture-based manufacturing of biopharmaceutical compounds. The new development comprises a platform technology with high performance, safety as well as environmental compatibility and simplification of cell culture-based manufacturing methods. The system platform will be marketed under the brand name “cellexis one.”

Wiesbaden, Germany, September 17, 2011 --( atech system solutions Ltd., based in London, UK, and Wiesbaden, Germany, drives the miniaturization and standardization in the field of cell culture-based manufacturing significantly ahead. The heart of the bioreactor platform is a system of the latest generation that simplifies and accelerates the entire process starting from inoculation of cell culture to its expansion and harvest of cell culture products.

“The system cellexis one simplifies the entire bioprocess,” explains Dr. Sohéil Asgari, atech’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our design objective was to combine the best of suspension cultivation with the advantages of adherent cell cultivation. The result is impressive, because with the technology of cellexis one we reduce costs in production infrastructure, the operational cost and complexity of biotechnological cell culture methods.” Thereby, with a single system of cellexis one, up to 150 conventional systems could be replaced. The quantitative increase in productivity does not concern the efficiency only, but also simplifying the process itself.

"atech has resolved the basic problem of adherent cell cultivation, namely the limitations of cell culture by the surface area available for inoculation and subsequently the maximum cell density of adherent cell cultures at given surface areas. Our new bioreactor systems enable through the specific bioreactor design the decoupling of cell numbers at inoculation from the actual total surface area that is available for adherent cell growth in the bioreactor,” adds Dr. Sohéil Asgari. For the first time it is now feasible to continuously cultivate and produce cell cultures and cell culture products in one single system without the otherwise periodic detachment and redistribution of cell cultures into multiple cultivation systems.

atech plans to market the system of bioreactor systems as a product family of various sized bioreactor types, whose fundamental design is identical. The smallest bioreactor type will comprise an effective volume of aprox. 17ml providing an effective growth surface of 2300cm2, the largest an effective volume of approc. 44oml with an effective growth surface of approx. 115000cm2; between those two sizes additional two or three systems may be offered. The cellexis one systems can be entirely combined with other components like pumps for media circulation, systems for gas exchange or monitoring. The global sales and distribution of the systems by atech is expected to begin by beginning of October 2011.

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