Disruptive Technology Hits the National Self Storage Marketplace: How a MN Woman's Company, Cyber Space, Will Revolutionize the 26 Billion Dollar Self Storage Industry

Minneapolis, MN, September 17, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Self Storage is one of the fastest growing industries in America. Glorified on such television shows as Storage Wars, American Pickers, and Auction Hunters...an industry that has taken on a life of its own. The self storage industry has been found to be the fastest growing new industry in the commercial property sector that has emerged in the country over the last three decades.

Enter Molly Seeley, Minnesota native and entrepreneur, who saw an opportunity to change how personal items are stored. "It dawned on me that if you can buy a product online, then why can't I store and view my items stored the same way?" says Seeley.

Remember, this is the same industry that took 30-plus years to go from pseudo detached garage to temperature controlled. With Seeley, and her new business - Cyber Space - not only are their customer's items stored in a temperature controlled environment, they can all be seen and tracked online. This patented technology allows both their licensees and their customers the ability to do so much more than track their belongings. Seeley notes, "The feature of this technology is the choices they have once they have their items indexed. They can arrange for delivery or pickup, they can purge via a recycle program, donate to Goodwill, and even sell it on EBay."

Wikipedia defines a disruptive technology as an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market and value network...displacing an earlier technology there.

Current choices in the industry will soon be displaced by this faster, more efficient, and by far less expensive technology. "Sometimes our pricing can be 80 percent cheaper than the market rate...which gives us an even bigger leg up. In our first two weeks we sold out of our first set of space."

Seeley has hovered under the radar for the past 5 years, patiently waiting for her virtual storage patent to be approved. It was finally issued earlier this year and the 37 year old woman is ready to shake up this mostly male industry.

When asked about the impact Cyber Space will have, Seeley responds, "Will
this potentially make a lot of self storage lockers worried? Yes. Do I feel bad? Of course, but I feel great about saving thousands of people a ton of money on top of providing them a great convenience that my technology

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