Plaudits for "The Allemagne Deception" from National Military Writers' Group

East Northport, NY, September 17, 2011 --( Accolades were accorded by The Military Writers Society of America to Cold War historian and army veteran, Donald J. Farinacci, for his recently published, "The Allemagne Deception, A Novel of the Cold War" (Navigator Books, 2011). Writing for the Society in its one official review, Terry Shoptaugh described the book's narrative as portraying a "tense cat and mouse game" between U.S. military intelligence operatives and Soviet agents on the eve of the Warsaw Pact nations' invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. "The well-crafted narrative moves along from action sequences to detailed explanations of military intelligence activities," writes Shoptaugh, and "Farinacci uses dialogue well to bring out the personalities of his well-drawn characters." The review ends with the following inviting comment: "The final sequence of events, in which a traitor in uncovered while Soviet tanks and troops are on the march to suppress the Czech bid for democracy, is taut and absorbing."

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Donald J. Farinacci