Piano Offering Number Five - LP Release by Livio Guerra

"Piano Offering Number Five" is the latest release of Italian pianist and composer Livio Guerra from Rome. This LP will be most appreciated by piano lovers. Most pieces are solo piano even though some are enhanced by a melodic instrument, oboe flute or viola counterpointing the piano pad. "Piano Offering" is available on major streaming sites (iTunes, Napster, etc...) from September 15th 2011.

Rome, Italy, September 18, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Italian pianist and composer Livio Guerra has just released his latest LP, entitled “Piano Offering Number Five.” The project is a collection of short piano pieces, mostly solo piano but sometimes with a soft counterpoint of oboe, flute or viola enhancing the harmony.

While Livio Guerra’s music may generically be defined as contemporary/jazz, it conveys a very special and distinctive mood, most appreciated by piano lovers looking for modern and subtle harmonic solutions supporting enjoyable melodies, perhaps with an Italian flavour between the notes.

Livio Guerra takes often part to projects in partnership with other Italian composers (Emanuele Poletti, Paolo Ferrario, Francesco Cusani), mainly producing orchestral soundtracks, but has also written the music for pop and Italian Country songs (with lyricists Nicola Bontempi and Danilo Nastasi).

"Piano Offering" comes as a natural complement to previous Guerra's releases, some of them orchestral soundtracks even though piano is always prevalent.

"Temi Rapsodici" by Livio Guerra and Emanuele Poletti
Orchestral Soundtracks, classical contemporary.

"LP Decò" by Livio Guerra and Paolo Ferrario
Orchestral Soundtracks with a "decò" flavour, with much rhythm and often a south-American sound.

Solo Piano by Livio Guerra (2010)

Piano and a string, usually viola, by Livio Guerra (2010)

Livio Guerra is a permanently featured artist on Audiosparx and has more than eighty tracks on this well-known library

This is a link to a player with samples or Guerra's production.

Audiopoetry site: Guerra has written the background music for more than seventy poetry projects.

Livio Guerra (Italian Pianist and Composer)
Livio Guerra
You may also contact Livio Guerra c/o his main publisher Italianwaymusic (John Toso)