Authorized Mackie Dealer Offers Rebate for Free Speaker Bag

Purchase a Mackie SRM350v2 or SRM450v2 before October 15th, 2011 and receive a free speaker bag with rebate offer.

Canoga Park, CA, September 20, 2011 --( Mackie pushing to finish a strong 3rd Quarter has announced a rebate program for their top selling SRMv2 series active speakers. The SRM series has been a decade long staple for Mackie, recently Mackie re-engineered the series and released the new SRMv2 Series. Mackie’s newly designed SRMv2 Series received rave reviews from their critics, recognizing the sophisticated electronics, featuring separate Linkwitz-Reilly 24dB-per-octave crossover circuits for the LF woofer and HF compression driver. The SRMv2’s electronic crossover circuitry effectively splits input signal frequencies into highs and lows for the transducers, and eliminates unwanted phasing issues. Also, the new Class-D with servo feedback fast recovery amplifier gives the SRMv2 Series more power (300 W), and pair that with a second Class AB amp (100 W) that drives the new 1.75” high frequency titanium dome compression driver connected to a multi-cell horn and you get more clarity and punch than ever before. Mackie also added an energy saving sleep mode after three minutes of silence the speaker will turnoff automatically, and re-activate when it receives a signal. There is a blue LED light on the front of the speaker to indicate when the speaker is in standby mode. Not only does this save money, but it saves energy too. This isn’t the only cool feature, Mackie somehow put the SRM on a diet its newer more powerful updated version, the SRMv2 is a whopping 11lbs lighter. Overall, Mackie’s new line of SRMv2 speakers has more headroom, and soon will become a staple in for serious musicians, DJs, and equipment rental houses.

Mackie is offering a free speaker bag with any purchase of a SRM450v2 or SRM350v2 from an authorized dealer now through October 15th, 2011. Rebate forms are available at or and must be submitted with copy of receipt by October 31st, 2011, and UPC Scanner codes from original box. See rebate form for specific details.

Sasha Letourneau