LendingeBook Offers Kindle and Nook Lending with Innovative Elements

Lending eBook offers Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Book Lending. Lend, Borrow, Read and earn achievement and rewards.

Seattle, WA, September 19, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Lending eBook has officially launched and introduces the concept of allowing people to easily lend and borrow ebooks. Many people who have e-readers are often the only ones in their circle of friends that own one. Even if they are not, most of the time they do not share the same taste in books. Lending eBook allows people who have the same taste in books to borrow and lend them to each other.

The new lending website offers many innovative features that make this service standout from the competition. One of the great new aspects if the concept of rewards and achievements. Customers can earn custom rewards for lending, borrowing and reading books. Rewards are also dispensed during holidays and special occasions when the website is visited.

There is also a feedback system that rates lenders and borrowers upon a successful completion of a lend or borrow. Users can leave a small message and rate the transaction. This will allow the best ranked users to appear higher on the search result when browsing for books.

Lending eBook focuses on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon books that are flagged lending enabled. Books can be loaned for a total of 14 days and then bounce back to the book owners. Only USA flagged accounts can lend books but anyone in the world can borrow the books.

The new service is not limited exclusively to e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook Color. If you have access to the official Android, iOS, Blackberry, WebOS or the MAC/PC readers, you can lend and borrow books.

Lending eBook offers a vibrant community via its forum that allows customers to petition the support staff for technical support and chat with each other. You can discover new authors and form book clubs via the support forum. They also offer their blog that reports on the latest ebook releases to keep patrons informed on when the best new books are dispatched every week.

Joining Lending eBook is completely free and all new users can borrow one book until they are prompted to buy request credits. These credits are as little as .99 and go towards the constant development of the website. Book Lenders earn credits per each lend, so if customers lend books they do not have pay for the privilege to borrow.

“We designed Lending eBook with the intention of offering the best lending service on the internet,” said lead developer Kelly Armstrong. “Our focus is the social media aspect of the website and allow customers to rate books and our upcoming live chat and profile viewing feature, we are also working on an author portal for indie writers to sell their books.”

About lending eBook
Lending eBook is a brand new company with a staff of around 15 people. The Development and creative team are located in Canada, USA, UK and India.

Kelly Armstrong

Kelly Armstrong