Announces New Product - Whey Low® Sugar Made Healthy

Baking season is upon us - Now everyone can indulge and enjoy the sweet pleasures of the Holiday Season. Whey Low® sugar made healthy is a sugar substitute that is good for your blood sugar, good for your waistline and your taste buds will love.

Dixon, CA, September 22, 2011 --( ALivingEarth is introducing Whey Low® sugar substitute made healthy. Now, everyone can enjoy the sweet pleasures of the holiday season without the health concerns of blood sugar spike, sugar crashes, weight gain. Whether a diabetic, a weight-watcher, and/or a health-conscious individual, Whey Low® in your daily diet and as your baking sugar substitute, will help achieve & maintain a healthy & attractive body image.

“I’m happy to recommend another sweetener, called Whey Low®, that taste, looks, bakes, even feels exactly like common table sugar. But instead of causing a spike in your blood sugar, it reduces your body’s glucose response. In fact, it’s 60-80% lower on the glycemic scale than regular sugar. Plus, 75% fewer calories!” - Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD.

Whey Low® is an all-natural blend of fructose (fruit sugar), sucrose (table sugar), lactose (milk sugar) - for those with a lactose concern, the minuscule amount of milk sugar in this product will not interfere with the body’s ability to digest dairy products. These three natural sugars that comprise Whey Low® work synergistically in the small intestine to interfere with the normal absorption of each other into the bloodstream.

Each of the natural sugars in the patented blend in Whey Low® is accepted by the US FDA as safe for food use or GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status. These sugars have all been consumed as significant nutrients in the human diet for centuries. Current daily per capita consumption of each component sugar in the US is estimated at 81 grams per day for table sugar (sucrose), 37 grams per day for fruit sugar (fructose), and 16 grams per day for milk sugar (lactose). Whey Low® manufacturer, VivaLac® Inc., aims to replace the 80 grams per day per person of "added sugars" (mostly sucrose, fructose and glucose) - which food processors add to the American diet and which contribute significantly to the fattening of America - with Whey Low®. In return for the exchange, you can expect fewer calories and impact carbohydrates in your daily diet, reduced blood sugar excursions after eating, and increased growth of healthful bacteria in your large intestine.

Health benefits of Whey Low® for the Diabetic, the Weight-watcher, and the Health-conscious:

-In your diet, Whey Low® helps you achieve & maintain a healthy & attractive body image.
-Caloric value of 1 Calorie/gram (table sugar = 4 Calories/gram) supports low-calorie diets.
-Effective carbohydrate content (or net impact carbohydrates) of 1 gram/teaspoon supports low-carbohydrate diets.
-Natural sugars in Whey Low® inhibit absorption of dietary carbohydrates such as starch and sucrose.
-Low calorie and net impact carbohydrate values important to type 1 and type 2 diabetics, health-conscious, overweight, and obese individuals.
-Clinical Testing Whey Low® Oral Tolerance Tests (OTT) in Normal and Type 2 Diabetic Subjects

Whey Low® is the brand new product of a nutrition technology that has only recently been developed in VivaLac® Inc.'s laboratory and clinic. VivaLac® Inc. has obtained a US patent (#6,777,397) to protect its exclusive use of this technology. In the clinic, the Company has conducted about eighty oral tolerance tests (OTT's) of Whey Low® and controls with nine different subjects in order to support its claims for the new sweetener.

Whey Low® was developed by Dr. Lee Zehner after his wife, Sue, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Sue Zehner loves to bake, with Whey Low® she can now “bake her cake and eat it too.” offers high quality, affordable healthy alternative products that also fits the ‘going green’ lifestyle. Diatomaceous Earth - natural mineral supplement and food grade insecticide, Whey Low® sugar made health, Kangen Water- healthiest water on Earth, Organo Gold - coffee made healthy are available at ALivingEarth.

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