DockandCover Forcasts Crowning of Thinnest Smartphone Will Warm Up iPhone Accessories Market for iPhone 5

Since iPhone wins the crown of thinnest Smartphone from Samsung galaxy s2, China retailer DockandCover predicts this will preheat the iPhone accessories market before iPhone 5’s launch.

Shenzhen, China, September 21, 2011 --( The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority on Wednesday found that Apple's claims of having the world's thinnest Smartphone with its iPhone 4 is indeed accurate. Cell phone accessories supplier DockandCover predicts this news will heat up iPhone accessory's market before iPhone 5’s launch.

Apple was first to claim its iPhone 4 as the thinnest Smartphone of the world, but was challenged by Samsung, which said that its Galaxy S2 is even thinner.

The ASA sided with Apple's measurement methodology and said: "Because the iPhone 4's thickest point was thinner than the thickest point of the Samsung Galaxy S II we concluded that the claim of world's thinnest Smartphone was not misleading."

Roberto Morrison, public relations Manager for DockandCover, said “The crown of thinnest Smartphone will heat up iPhone accessories market. Everyone seems to wait for iPhone 5, and the rumor about iPhone 5 has been rolled-up for a few weeks. When it comes to the iPhone 5, the rumors just can't seem to stop.”

DockandCover had already launched a series of phone skins for iPhone 5. What’s more, lots of iPhone 4 accessories are now on special offer. “Not everyone is willing to have an iPhone 5 as soon as it comes into the market, while it's also a good time for you to shopping iPhone 4 accessories.” Adds Roberto Morrison, “Not only do the iPhone 4 accessories have a special offer, DockandCover always focuses on the affordable price and good product. Plenty of phone accessories can be found here.”

Phone decoration is a common thing in recent days, it’s also a fashion trend to decorate a phone with one's own personality. “Through viewing the various phone decoration products it can help you find more ideas to decorate your phone,” said Mr. Morrison.

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Roberto Morrison