"Revibe" a New Company for a New Sound - "Contemporary-Retro" - Music That's Raw, Stripped Back, Edgy. A Revibe 60's Sound - "Underproduced."

"Contemporary-Retro" or "Revibe" is a new genre of music and was conceived in 2011 by Nemo Shaw and his Management Team aka "Revibe". Presented on Leonard Cohen's 77th Birthday, September 21!

New York, NY, September 21, 2011 --(PR.com)-- “Revibe” was set up to counter the commercialization of music. This commercialization has turned music into a product, rather than an art form. Revibe also challenges the way music is packaged by artists - i.e. one in which the image (good-looking, young, sexy), is paramount to the artist’s work. Contemporary-Retro attempts to recover some of the purity of music. The "retro" part harks back to the 60's when people actually listened to lyrics, and shared a very present-moment, now-experience. Current music tends to hit us and repeatedly batters all sensibilities to the point of numbness.

Most music today offers an escape route from reality, taking us away from the here-and-now. Contemporary-Retro is music to listen to, music that takes us on a journey, transporting us for a few minutes to a warm elevated space to enjoy a story, be drawn to a provoking image, or be inspired by a poetic line. The signature of Revibe music is "underproduction" and "simplicity." This new sound creates a presence, a space, a silence that invites the listener. It frees our beingness.

Contemporary-Retro is a revolt against pap music, overworked voices and effects that can only be described as musical noise. The style is termed "revibe" because the artist Nemo Shaw, a 32 yr old Scots-born singer songwriter, tackles songs in a pure, simple way. Whether he is writing a song or covering one, his approach is minimalistic. He strips the song back to its basics, removing all frills to uncover only a pure, vulnerable and honest rendition. Any sound or effect that spoils the purity of the song's essence is seen as redundant and quickly discarded. Once the authenticity of the song has been revealed, the contemporary vibe becomes apparent. Within the genre of Contemporary-Retro, the artist is not perceived as the doer or persona who is singing, but instead, viewed as a channel that taps into energies to convey a song.

"The Only Living Boy in New York" is an example of Contemporary-Retro and demonstrates how Nemo has given this song the Revibe treatment. The end result is a unique, creative art-form - see http://youtu.be/S7lX_MtQQZI.

DJ Jason Moyle of "Off the Chart" - Internet's No. 1 radio station, who recently interviewed Nemo, said "This type of music is coming back into vogue." He described Nemo's music as having a "haunting voice, raw-edge, tight sound.”

Nemo senses the time is right for this Contemporary-Retro genre of music. "There is a shift taking place, it's subtle and it's slow, but it is happening. It is a movement from overproduced pulp music that leaves little to the imagination, to a stripped-back sound," he commented recently. Nemo cites Adele as an example of getting back to basics: "The simplicity of her delivery with only voice and piano accompaniment, seems to have brought her success, because the time is right, and she has a hungry audience waiting for this type of music."

Nemo plays acoustic guitar, occasional harmonica and piano. He has played many gigs in UK's East Midlands, but now sees himself as a recording artist, first and foremost.

For more information on 'Contemporary-Retro' and developments at "Revibe" - see http://www.facebook.com/pages/Contemporary-Retro/189131267822752.

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