New Twist on Artists Daily Painting Concept

Chicago artist perfects way to make original artwork affordable to the average person.

Chicago, IL, April 12, 2007 --( Chicago artist Alberta Smith Johnson has found a way to use the latest internet trend, blogging, to make her original pastel and acrylic artwork affordable to all.

Have you been reading about the latest craze for artist’s websites? Daily small paintings have taken the art world by storm. In this concept, artists are making small 5x7" or 6x8" paintings and posting them on a website or blog. Selling in this fashion makes the artwork affordable for the average person.

Johnson has modified that trend. By installing a small group of her personally hand-signed and matted artworks to her blog, she can offer a different one at a discounted price each week. Tune in on any given week, and you'll see a photo-print of one of her original pastel or acrylic paintings being featured as the discounted photo-print of the week. “This is a perfect situation for the person who wants to start an artwork collection or who just needs an inexpensive art piece for their home or apartment,” says Johnson.

If someone is unable to afford high prices for artwork, yet they want something unique and interesting for their home, Ms. Johnson's discounted "Featured Artwork of the Week" concept might be just what the doctor ordered.

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