Renowned PGA Golf Instructor Joins IonLoop Team

Top golf instructor, Tim Cusick has joined the IonLoop team as an advocate and advisor on product development. A golf expert, Tim has first-hand experience of how something as simple as a Negative Ion + Magnet bracelet can make such a big difference in your performance on and off the course.

Dallas, TX, September 21, 2011 --( Tim Cusick is a top golf instructor, who currently serves as Director of Golf at the award-winning Four Seasons Resort and Club and the acclaimed Four Seasons Golf School located in Irving, Texas, has agreed to join the growing IonLoop advisory staff. He formerly managed the golf instructional staff for Hank Haney Golf Inc. and has previous experience at well-known golf facilities including PGA West Resort Courses, Elk River Golf Club and Pinehurst Hotel and Country Club.

Additionally, Tim travels the world to help other Golf Instructors improve their craft through "Teaching the Teacher" seminars. His seminars have been conducted in Denmark, Korea, Germany, Sweden and Mexico as well as hosting his own Teaching the Teacher seminars at the Four Seasons Resort and Club. The top golf instructor has worked with players that have won on all the major Professional Golf Tours around the world including Kelli Kuehne, Bruce Crampton, Brad Elder, Michael Allen, Hank Kuehne, Trip Kuehne, Kris Tschetter, Hollis Stacy and Sandra Palmer.

Tim soundly believes in the IonLoop technology and has first-hand experience of how something as simple as a Negative Ion + Magnet bracelet can make such a big difference in your performance on and off the course; as a top golf instructor or as a golf enthusiast. “I recently was introduced to a product called IonLoop - a highly efficient, fashion forward sports bracelet with negative ions and the earth’s most powerful magnets for better results,” said Cusick. Tim further reports, “since I’ve worn the IonLoop bracelet, I’ve noticed a greater sense of balance and a higher level of calmness in my day-to-day activities as a golf instructor. I highly recommend the IonLoop bracelet for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.”

Tim’s contribution to the company will include advising on product development as the company moves forward with the creation of new and innovative products. Melissa Gotfredson, CEO adds, “I feel that having a top golf instructor on our team speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our product. Through his belief and enthusiasm with regards to our IonLoop IRT technology Tim has become an advocate within his worldwide circle of golf professionals, top golf instructors, and serious amateur’s… his task will be to continue to spread the word. We have such a sense of pride within the company when we hear that our little bracelet has made a difference in someone’s life,” said Co-Founder Gotfredson.

IonLoop has innovated and developed a bracelet with strong Neo magnets and a new negative ion technology, Ion Regeneration Technology©, to neutralize the destructive effects of our modern day environment. Everyone from world-class athletes to office workers may be affected by positive ions. Activities ranging from competing under the energy-draining UV rays of the sun, to sitting in front of computer monitors daily, expose us to fatigue producing positive ions…we may all equally benefit from this new pioneering technology.

For more information on their new technology and where you can purchase an IonLoop bracelet, they encourage you to visit their website at

Fernanda Crosby