Launch of Biotechnology Portal – Marketing of Innovative Cell Culture Technology

atech system solutions Ltd. (“atech”) has launched the online service for marketing and distribution of innovative products and services in the field of cell culture technology. The online service is the portal for distribution of bioreactor systems that are marketed under the name “cellexis one” and services like the delivery of manufacturing processes for cell culture products according to international standards.

Wiesbaden, Germany, September 22, 2011 --( With the online service, atech system solutions Ltd., based in London, UK, and Wiesbaden, Germany, has established its most important global distribution channel for the independently developed technology, i.e. the bioreactor platform cellexis one and the modular process technology. atech consistently commits itself to direct distribution and sales of equipment and know-how without entering into distribution partnerships.

"Processes in the field of cell culture technology, primarily using mammalian cells, are usually very complex and difficult to standardize," explains Dr. Soheil Asgari, atech’s Chief Technology Officer. "With the cellexis technology, i.e. our particular bioreactors, an unprecedented standardization of production processes are feasible. Since our systems are very close to the 'plug and play' principle, we have intentionally opted for direct sales." atech sees, particularly in direct sales, a significant competitive advantage because the lower transaction costs will be passed directly on to customers.

Bioreactors comprising cellexis technology per se reduce the need for investment in production technology, since they are associated with significantly lower hardware and infrastructure costs. In addition, the savings of direct operating costs are in the range by up to 70% over conventional production methods. "In order to use the cellexis technology, the use of so-called semi-adherent or adherent cell lines is required, i.e. such cell cultures, which grow adhering to surfaces. With the online service we provide not only the available hardware, but also the know-how for the implementation, process development and industrial-scale production," adds Dr. Soheil Asgari.

Through the online service, atech handles hardware sales of bioreactor systems and disposable bioreactor vessels, spare part supplies and technical support including consulting services for process development. In addition, the licensing of the cellexis technology will be supported and handled electronically through the online portal on the basis of standard licensing agreements. atech considers the standardization of licensing agreements as a key to further reduce significantly transaction costs, but in particular life cycle costs and time to market. Further information is available at

About is the online portal for distribution and sales of innovative bioreactor technology and know-how known under the cellexis technology. The core feature of the online service is the distribution of bioreactor systems branded “cellexis one,” disposable bioreactor vessels and spares parts, as well as validated process modules for rapid implementation of lab, pilot and industrial scale processes that are based on cell cultures.

Moreover, the online portal provides the management of the complete license lifecycle for licensing in the according technology and know-how based on standard license agreements.

cellexis one is a revolutionary bioreactor platform for standardized rapid process development and implementation under cGMP requirements.

cellexis one represents the newest generation of bioreactors for cell culture based processes using adherent or semi-adherent cell lines and primary cells.

cellexis one combines the advantages of suspension with those of adherent cell cultivation and defines thereby a new standard of quality assured bioprocesses in lab, pilot and industrial scale.

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