CDC Software Announces New Cloud-Based Collaborative Inventory Management Solution

i-Supply 7.6 adds supplier support, order management, low turn goods, forecast history and integration support to help suppliers cut costs, streamline processes and meet customer service goals.

London, United Kingdom, September 22, 2011 --( CDC Software Corporation (NASDAQ: CDCS), a global provider of enterprise software applications and services, today announced CDC TradeBeam i-Supply 7.6.

This latest version of CDC Software’s cloud collaborative inventory management solution improves supply chain visibility to help minimise risk, reduce the need for emergency shipments and improve order accuracy and lead time. i-Supply helps supplier to cut costs, streamline processes and meet customer service goals.

CDC TradeBeam i-Supply 7.6 is delivered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. This enables manufactures to give their suppliers real-time visibility into forecasts and inventory status, such as: what is on-hand, has been used, ordered, shipped and received, as well as real-time exception notifications.

The new version extends support to supplier plants that produce and assemble products with lower inventory turns and longer lead times. Typically, these suppliers are located far from the manufacturer, often in the medical device manufacturing industry. Other new features include enhancements in the following key functional areas: order management, low turn goods, forecast history and integration support including Average Daily Use and Forecasted Daily Use and outbound EDI Advance Shipping Notice messaging.

“i-Supply provides manufacturers and their suppliers with improved supply chain visibility. This helps to increase the efficiency of their supply chains, mitigate risks and reduce costs,” said William Green, president of CDC Software’s cloud product line business. “The latest version of i-Supply further advances collaboration between manufacturers and their suppliers so they can balance costs better; provide service on a daily basis and ultimately improve their bottom lines.”

TradeBeam’s i-Supply features easy-to-use dashboards that provide real-time views of inventory, shipping, receiving and related supply chain data; multiple inventory replenishment models supporting both push and pull models, or any combination including Kanban, min-max, discrete order or other consumption or schedule-driven processes and support for lean order scheduling. The user interface supports 11 languages that include Chinese (simplified and Traditional), English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian.

CDC TradeBeam also includes global trade management solutions that include import and export compliance, shipment tracking, supply chain event management and global trade finance.

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