Agriculture Students Exceed Marathon Expectations

Walford and North Shropshire College Agriculture students successfully ploughed over 80 hectares in their 24 hour ploughing marathon. The students started ploughing at 4.00pm on Thursday 15th September and were still going strong when the Autumn Action event closed at 4.00pm on Friday 16th September.

Shropshire, United Kingdom, September 22, 2011 --( The site at Little Bolas was kindly provided by Sydney Farms Ltd whose directors are college governor and Farm Advisory Committee chairman Bruce Udale, Isabel Udale Moseley and Richard Moseley. Isabel commented how pleased she was with the quality of ploughing from the students, “they have done a really good job and created a tidy finish even on some of the difficult headlands.” Bruce Udale added how pleased he was with the attitude and behaviour of all the students during the event, “we had 23 students on site and they all got stuck in.”

The students enjoyed the event and took great delight in judging the quality of each other’s ploughing. Ollie Owen from Crosslanes Wrexham, said, “it was a good day, we had some fun and covered a lot of ground despite the lack of moisture.” Freddie Pullan, Curriculum Co-ordinator for Agriculture said, “the event was spot on. The students performed well and represented Walford proudly, the challenge has been laid for the current first year group to raise even more money next year.”

The students performed so well that extra ground had to be opened up to ensure they kept going for 24 hours. It was apparent at lunch time on Friday that the two tractors and ploughs would finish the allotted area before 4.00pm, so an additional 10ha field had to be started to ensure the 24 hour marathon could continue.

Visitors to the very successful Autumn Action event not only witnessed the student plough-a-thon but also had the opportunity to meet all the key local machinery dealers and equipment manufacturers and see the latest tractors and cultivators perform. Despite very dry ground conditions the range of ploughs and cultivators on display produced some very good seedbeds.

Jon Parry, Director of Walford, said, “this is a great example of students taking responsibility and utilising their own time and effort to help improve the college environment. We are very grateful to everyone who helped out with this event, especially RVW Pugh, Kuhn, Rea Valley Tractors and Gregoire Beson who loaned the tractors and ploughs and trusted our students to drive them.”

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