"Saturday Fever" from MO-Call Enables More Minutes of Overseas Calling

London, United Kingdom, September 22, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Morodo’s highly popular mobile application MO-Call is giving its customers the opportunity to call their friends/relatives during the day of Saturday and get all spent credit back to their MO-Call account.

“Saturday Fever” enables all users to take advantage of calling abroad with MO-Call free mobile VoIP application. All calls made during that particular day, will be calculated and the spent amount of money will be refunded to the account. With this program the MO-Call customer gets the good opportunity to make the large number of calls, use the service and be rewarded for that. Calling modes, including cheap VoIP calls, callback service and call through service are available options for making international calls.

“To be able to keep the customers loyal and completely committed to the service, special offers and promotions like this one, which offer any kind of reward or opportunity to make calling cheaper, easier or free, are unavoidable parts of successful service,” says Andrew Reid, CEO of Morodo.

MO-Call is a clever mobile and PC application that is supported on over 2,400 mobile handsets including Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile and all major computer Operating Systems. With MO-Call users can save up to 90% on local and international calls, send cheap SMS and make free VoIP calls, on supported handsets to other online MO-Callers. Free VoIP calls are available from the PC application, iPhone application and Nokia S40 handsets to all online MO-Call buddies.

“We are constantly looking for ways to add value to MO-Call for our customers. To be able to give our customers the opportunity to talk for free to their family and friends abroad enables us to continue to reward our customers who have supported us and to make their MO-Calling happier,” says Andrew Reid, CEO of Morodo.

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