Minicom IDs Seven Remote Access Management “Must-Haves” for Healthcare IT Pros

Checklist Gives Hospital CIOs, Data Center Managers a Benchmark for Comparing Remote Data Center Management Tools

Linden, NJ, September 22, 2011 --( IT pros managing hospital data centers with massive mixed network environments, long lists of remote access protocols and applications, multiple user interfaces, and what often feels like way too many tools are increasingly searching for remote access management solutions that are both efficient and secure to use as well as cost effective to deploy. According to Minicom, a global leader of remote IT management solutions (, there are a number of key criteria that can be used as a benchmark when choosing a remote access solution for a healthcare environment.

“With remote access management, simplicity is the key to success in a healthcare data center,” says Eran Kessel, Minicom’s vice president, marketing and products. “CIOs and IT managers should be able to continue to use familiar tools, but have a single pane of glass where they can easily see, coordinate and manage all the IP addresses, passwords, and infrastructure information they need to not only run the data center smoothly on a day-to-day basis, but to expedite remediation in the event of an IT emergency.”

There are a myriad of remote access solutions on the market today, and choosing the right one can be a difficult task. That’s why Minicom has put together a checklist of the top seven “must-have” criteria in remote access management.

Seven Point Healthcare IT Checklist for Remote Data Center Management

1. Supports a wide range of vendors: Select a solution that prevents vendor lock-in; make sure it supports all the equipment acquired over the years and offers the ability to add any brand of IT equipment – PDU, KVM switch, console server, or other network device in an unlimited array of vendor options.

2. Integrates in-band and out-of-band options: A seamless combination of the two means, even if the blue screen of death appears, crashed servers can be restarted and downtime minimized with one-click KVM over IP access from the same pane of glass used for everyday maintenance.

3. Simplifies access: What makes a remote access solution truly powerful is a combination of one user interface, one url and one set of security rules. When it comes to remote access management, simplicity is king.

4. Provides seamless access to power control: The only way to avoid disastrous mistakes like rebooting the wrong server is to have full control of the PDU from within the remote access management solution’s user interface.

5. Maximizes tools that have already been deployed: Don’t throw out what works! A must-have in remote access management is the ability for the IT staff to continue to use the existing remote access tools they find most effective and comfortable under a larger, more efficient and secure remote access umbrella.

6. Overcomes implementation challenges: Look for a solution that can be installed in hours – not a month and not a week.

7. Increases IT efficiency while maintaining security: Select a secure remote access solution that authenticates users with the organization’s own active directory, assigning user names and passwords created according to profile and task assignment.

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