Viacam Security Introduces an Integrated Access Control Solution

Viacam Security offers a completely scalable and integrated access control system. Not only does it incorporate access control, but it brings together video surveillance, power and environment monitoring and security monitoring into one package.

Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R., September 22, 2011 --( ViaServe from Viacam Security puts you in control of a full complement of monitoring technologies. Manage cameras, environmental sensors, access control equipment and every other monitoring resource from your browser, locally or via the Internet.

ViaServe automatically recognizes cameras, probes, monitors, sensors, and access control hardware. Compatible with any of Viacam Analog cameras and hundreds of third party cameras. Easy to use wizards make it simple to configure your preferences and parameters. A centralized database of all users is kept and you can set your group policies for Administrators and Limited users and specify access control privileges as well as schedules.

Detailed reports and analytics on access history are generated. This allows the user to view when, where and what time doors were accessed, any unauthorized access attempts as well as door forced or held open conditions.

Fully customizable multiple workspaces for monitoring and control of the building environment. View graphs and mapping features to illustrate your sensor environment locally or over a remote site installation.

Not only does it manage access control, but it also draws together video surveillance and environmental monitoring into the one software. Synchronization of door and sensor events with video is a unique and key feature of the software. Cameras can be set to record upon a Time or Sensor Event or 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. The video search engine displays a timeline of sensor and door events which can be clicked to instantly recall and playback video from that time.

Time-stamped video capture can be linked to various sensors, with video being recorded on motion, door open, door forced, unauthorized access or any other sensor status or event the user requires.

ViaServ is unparalleled in its power to alert you to impending disaster events, environmental changes, and security breaches. Deploy your own hierarchy of redundant alert notifications using SMS, Email, MMS, phone calls, fax, or use a relay switch to trigger corrective action. Relay switched can also be configured to turn on lights or other building services when rooms are entered, or turn off when exited.

ViaServe comes with an additional client that can be installed on an Apple iPhone or iPod touch device. This connects to your server giving you remote access to your workspace. It is easy to monitor video and door/sensor events when on the move. Ideal for roaming guards or security managers who are not always located in the command center.

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John Pierson