Arab Non-Violence Society Observed International Day of Peace

Foreign Affairs Advisor of the Arab Non-Violence Society Dr. Naseer Homoud’s message on International Day of Peace. He urged people to celebrate International Day of Peace with great enthusiasm and passion.

Doha, Qatar, September 22, 2011 --( Observing International Day of Peace Dr. Naseer Homoud, Foreign Affairs Advisor of Arab Non- Violence Society and Honorary Member of Arab Youth Media Forum said, “International Day of Peace is a time to remind ourselves that we are all equal citizens of the world and that we are all born with the right to a peaceful existence. Conflicts, wherever they occur, can affect everyone on the planet. This is why we all have a stake in peace and we all have a contribution to make to bring about a more peaceful world. On this International Day of Peace, let us all raise up our voices of peace, and let us work together to build a world that resembles our shared hopes and aspirations.”

Dr. Homoud maintained that peace is more than the absence of war. “On this International Day of Peace, Arab Non- Violence Society calls for the peoples of the world to lay down their arms and raise their voices for peace and freedom, for there cannot be one without the other,” he urged. He further said, “Please make the day a day of the expression of good feelings to all fellow human beings as one human family. Without discounting the need for individuals and nations to do justice, the observance of this day will go a long way toward creating a global consciousness conducive to a lasting peace where all are provided with equal opportunity and justice with no distinction of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, caste or gender. This is the basis on which the outstanding problems in various parts of the world can be resolved.”

Addressing the ceremony for marking the day Dr. Homoud said, “The cycle of violence can be stopped. The bundle of rights which humans have been provided by the nature is guaranteed by the UN Charter and must be ensured by the international community. Discrimination based on race, religion, national or ethnic origin, caste or gender and human greed have crushed universal human values. The universal human values common to all faiths and societies must be upheld. The UN has been supporting peace efforts around the world. Let us give a hand to the United Nations by implementing its resolutions and decisions for the betterment of human society and to establish long-lasting universal peace.

“Shocking events continue to occur that shake our faith in humanity and the future of the world. Terrorism casts its dark shadow over the world. Many people die from avoidable hunger, poverty, disease and violence. We owe it to the most vulnerable in the world to make International Day of Peace a spur to action. A day when we work extra hard to deliver the foundations of peace: clean water, adequate food and shelter, health, political stability, employment and quality of life. The current barriers are more of political order. Nevertheless, these problems could be resolved if all parties join forces to build a just, lasting and sustainable peace. This aspiration is an ethical requirement that should preside international relations. The human right to peace is a moral imperative where civil society from around the world can feel really identified, because it is a requirement of civilization that is above all,” said Dr. Homoud.

Urging people to celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and passion Dr. Homoud said, “The really wonderful thing about this day is that anyone can celebrate it. Worldwide, people can mark the day alone, organize an event, or join in on one of the many other events taking place. Perhaps all of us could do something completely different and check out the world map to find an event happening in another country and then go along to spread the word about world peace, and take the opportunity to join to the cause.”

Arab Non-Violence Society
Farrukh Khan