SecuraPets™ Introduces a Safer, Easier Way to Find Lost Pets

New A-GPS locator attaches to collar sending text and email alerts if a pet leaves home.

Hermosa Beach, CA, September 22, 2011 --( According to the ASPCA, about 5 to 7 million companion animals enter shelters every year. But, the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy states that less than 2 percent of cats and only 15 to 20 percent of dogs are returned to their owners. The majority of these pets were found with tags, a tattoo or microchip, but these technologies are outdated and not always effective in helping you prevent the loss of your pet.

SecuraTrac® is introducing a new pet locating technology called SecuraPAL® (Pet Automated Locator) that can send you a text message and email if your pet escapes your yard. The SecuraPets solution consists of a small, lightweight GPS device that attaches to your pet’s collar and an interactive web platform that allows you to monitor your account and pet’s location from your smartphone or computer.

A key feature of SecuraPAL is its ability to report when it leaves boundaries you set called SecuraFences. If your cat or dog leaves your yard, the dog park, a boarding facility or any other location that you designate with a SecuraFence, you receive a location alert with the pet’s current location every 30 seconds.

“The Pet Automated Locator gives pet owners the peace of mind that they can always know where their furry family members are,” said SecuraTrac CEO Chris Holbert. “With the SecuraPets solution you don’t have to worry about correcting address information or your phone number on a tattoo or microchip, health concerns from the chip or that it could take days or weeks to find your pet at a shelter.”

SecuraPAL can be purchased for $197.78 and has a service fee of $6.99 per month that includes 750 location requests. Additional requests are three cents per location request. For more information visit

Laura Baumgartner