Chaikin Stock Rating Widget Now Available for Blogs and Webpages

Get an instant read on a stock's potential using Chaikin's proven model.

Philadelphia, PA, September 22, 2011 --( Chaikin Stock Research, creator of a suite of stock tools that empower individuals to make better investment decisions including its popular iPhone app, announces Chaikin Stock Rating Widget for webpages, social media sites and blogs. The free stock analysis tools empower investors with sophisticated yet easily-understood, decision-making tools previously available only to Wall Street professionals.

With the Chaikin Stock Rating Widget, bloggers and social media users can embed the widget software on a page where they have rights of authorship, such as their webpage, blog or profile on a social media site. By embedding the widget, bloggers can use it as a tool to instantly see a stock's Chaikin Power Gauge rating. Enter a stock symbol and the stock's Chaikin Power Gauge rating and last closing price are instantly displayed. Share it with friends by email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. via the share icon. For more information on a stock, request a free 4-page Power Gauge Stock Report on any of 5000 stocks from the link on the widget.

The Chaikin Power Gauge rates a stock's potential over the next 3-6 months and is based on a proprietary, 20-factor model that analyzes complex financial data and distills it into easily understood green/red displays. Green is bullish. Red is bearish. The model has been independently back-tested and proven successful at identifying stocks which will outperform or underperform the market over the next 3-6 months. The rating is updated daily.

The model was created by Marc Chaikin, a recognized expert in developing computerized stock selection models for professional money managers and individual investors, best known for two widely used indicators, the Chaikin Oscillator and Chaikin Persistency of Money Flow.

The recent volatility in the stock market requires unemotional analysis and disciplined decision-making tools. The Chaikin Power Gauge Rating is a valuable asset in deciding which stocks to buy and which stocks to eliminate from your portfolio states Marc Chaikin, founder and CEO of Chaikin Stock Research.

Investors following Chaikin's blog and Twitter posts since January would have avoided substantial losses if they sold stocks when the Power Gauge turned red. In the last seven months, Chaikin accurately advised his followers on 29 out of 31 stocks that had a bearish Power Gauge rating, indicating a negative potential (1). At the same time, the market was in an upward trend, so all 29 stocks were going against the tide. Each of these stocks, had they been sold when the Power Gauge showed red would have eliminated substantial losses and a lot of pain.

The Chaikin Stock Rating Widget can be downloaded for free from the Chaikin Power Tools website,

(1) Stocks identified with a red Power Gauge since January include Netflix (-40%), Juniper Networks (-45%), Yahoo! (-34%), Bank of America (-52%), Akamai Technologies (-45%), Urban Outfitters (-22%), Logitech International (-55%), AIG (-23%) and Travelzoo (-46%).

About Marc Chaikin

Marc Chaikin is a recognized expert in developing computerized stock selection models for professional money managers, as well as for individual investors. Marc was recently named one of the Top Wall Street Experts and Opinion Leaders by and is a regular guest on the Stuart Varney Show on Fox Business and on CNBC.

He pioneered and developed the first real-time analytics workstation for portfolio managers and stock traders when he co-founded Bomar Securities in 1989. In 1992, Bomar was acquired by the Instinet subsidiary of Reuters. The proprietary Bomar analytics are now part of Thomson Reuters institutional workstation.

Marc Chaikin also created several technical indicators whose predictive value has made them de facto standards in most technical analysis software packages. He is best known for the Chaikin Money Flow Indicator and Chaikin Persistency of Money Flow, which is the basis of Investor's Business Daily's Accumulation/Distribution (Acc/Dis) Rating.

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