American Inventor Gives Away Design to Protect Coasts from Tsunami

Eugene, OR, September 22, 2011 --( Multifaceted Entertainment Professional James M. House Publishes the “Tsunami Diffusion Array” Concept Design with Creative Commons Licensing Requiring Attribution Only.

Musician, recording-artist, sound engineer, producer, screenwriter, photographer, and even entrepreneur are all things that James Michael House are known. What only a handful of people know, he is also an inventor. His recent creation is a yet unproven - but logically sound - concept design for a way defend coastlines from tsunami. Like many scientific ideas the Tsunami Diffusion Array (TDA) was born from a curious intellect making observations in nature. In particular, a visit to beach in Malibu, California. The TDA involves building an array of towers off the coast that channel the high tidal currents against itself to reduce the energy. To publish the 3-page illustrated concept paper, and make it accessible to everyone, House put together a basic website called

House decided to give away the design free to the public saying, “This is an idea that has so much potential, that could help so many people, but still has so far to go. I would not feel right patenting something like that. It is not something I can put a lot of time into. Yet it seems to have merit. So it came natural to give it away to the public and see what others can do with it, whether it is ideal for real world implementation. There is still a lot of research and development needed. Now it is just a matter of getting it out there to the right people.”

Inventions are nothing new to House by any means. He currently has patents pending in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for an “Integrated Data Publishing System,” application number 20100134837. He is even said to have several inventions yet to be patented. Digging a little deeper you'll find it even runs in his family. House's grandfather is the late Ray Butts. Butts' most notable accomplishments included inventions like the Echosonic Amplifier, creating one of the first electric guitar effects, the tape echo. The Echosonic was made famous by Scotty Moore (Elvis Presley's guitarist), Roy Orbison, Chet Atkins, and others in the 1950's. Meanwhile Butts' classic Gretsch “Filtertron” electric guitar pickup made its mark on history as the first double-coil (humbucker) model.

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