For the Under-Exercised, Sneaky Ways to Get Fit from

The key to sneaking exercise into your day is to create intensity-increasing habits that are built into your schedule.

Austin, TX, September 22, 2011 --( Exercise doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing proposition to deliver good results. According to the alternative health and wellness website, just a minute here and five minutes there can fill each week with calorie burning that makes a difference.

“The key to sneaking exercise into your day is to create intensity-increasing habits that are built into your schedule,” says site co-founder Scott Black. “If you're already committed to certain ‘to-do's’ every day - laundry, grocery shopping, banking, house cleaning, even meetings and meals - why not sneak in a few exercises while you're doing these activities?”

A simple example Black offers is to practice proper posture. When people make an effort to stand tall, they automatically contract dozens of muscles from the legs to the neck.

“Whether you’re ironing, doing the dishes, or standing in line,” he says, “concentrate on maintaining a solid stance with knees slightly bent, shoulders back and head up. This might seem small, but it really works, because any muscle contraction burns calories and builds muscle.”

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