Apliman Technologies Announces Participation in Dialogic’s Solution Showcase

Highlights Apliman’s innovative Collect Call built on Dialogic technology.

Beirut, Lebanon, September 23, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Apliman Technologies today announced its participation in Dialogic’s recently launched Solution Showcase, which highlights a variety of cutting-edge communications solutions, including mobile value-added services, cloud-based business communications solutions and unified communications solutions that are built on Dialogic® technology.

Dialogic’s Solution Showcase features market-tested, revenue generating solutions for service providers and enterprises. Each solution is recognized for its innovative nature as well as its market-proven reliability, ease of deployment, and scalability.

Apliman Collect Call is one of the most practical call completion solutions that allow an out-of-credit user to request from another user, whether prepaid or post-paid, to pay for the call.

Party A dials a predefined IVR/USSD code followed by Party B number, free of charge. Party B receives a normal call from Party A. When party B picks up the call, he is notified through IVR of the collect call request and is given the option to accept or reject it. If Party B accepts to collect the call, connection with Party A is established, and Party B is charged for the call. Otherwise, the call is terminated, and Party A is notified that the call was rejected. Apliman Collect Call copes for different scenarios where Party B is out of balance, out of coverage, etc. The system can optionally integrate with the SMSC, sending SMS notifications relative to the case.

Apliman Collect Call enables subscribers to collect a call from anywhere, allowing a fast response to make critical phone calls. Through IVR name recording, it allows sending a collect call request even from a stranger’s phone. It also facilitates automatic acceptance, catering to users who are on agreement that the called party should be responsible for the phone bills, such as employee-boss calls, children-parents calls…

Apliman Collect Call maximizes call completion rate. It is a perfect solution to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, thus enhancing market penetration and providing new market opportunities.

“We are very proud to include Apliman Technologies as part of our Solution Showcase. It has been a strong collaborator of ours, and this Showcase is our way of formally recognizing its continued innovation,” said Jim Machi, senior vice president of marketing at Dialogic. “Apliman’s Collect Call provides tremendous benefit to mobile operators and it is a true honor to work together to build a stronger, more diversified communications industry.”

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Apliman Technologies is a leading Telecommunications Solutions provider in Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The company has an international portfolio of installations spanning 4 continents and serving hundreds of millions of subscribers worldwide. Apliman solutions range from Messaging, Voice, USSD, Campaign Management, Loyalty Management and Mobile Advertising to Enterprise and Customer Care solutions. Ever since its founding, Apliman Technologies has been at the forefront of developments in the field. The company has existed long enough in the market to establish customer loyalty and become a trademark of trust.

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