State-Wide Public Safety Microwave System Proves Reliable Through Earthquake and Hurricane

Microwave Network Inc. Delivered a Full-Turnkey Microwave Solution for the State of Virginia

Stafford, TX, September 23, 2011 --( Microwave Networks Inc. (MNI), a trusted provider of microwave solutions for public safety networks for the past 40 years, was selected to provide a microwave solution for the State-Wide Virginia STARS project. The five-year project, completed successfully earlier this year, proved its reliability and robustness through the recent earthquake and hurricane experienced by the State of Virginia.

The STARS project was implemented to provide essential public safety grade communications for Virginia’s state agencies. MNI provided over 130 microwave links, implementing a MNI proprietary ring configuration. The system consists of SONET loops, parallel traffic routing, and hot-standby protected spurs.

In addition, MNI provided services and ensured a seamless installation of the system. “We are thoroughly pleased that the STARS microwave system has met our and the customer’s expectations through the natural disasters recently experienced by Virginia,” comments Jerry Hulburt, Senior Vice President, Customer Care & Technical Services.

“The STARS network has reported no problems during and after Hurricane Irene and the STARS microwave system has not only survived but remained fully operational through the recent earthquake and hurricane,” adds Mr. Hulburt.

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