Innovation Direct™ to be at Forefront of Marketing Efforts for Electralube Invention

Miami, FL, September 23, 2011 --( Dean C. Thommes, Michigan resident and inventor, has contracted South Florida invention and patent licensing leader Innovation Direct to represent his Electralube product to potential licensees over the next 4 years. An innovative and useful new electrical accessory designed to make user interaction with electrical connections and power sources a safer and less cumbersome endeavor, the Electralube, is intended to provide consumers with an effective method of lubricating and conditioning a wide variety of items typically employed in harnessing and using electrical and battery power.

The diversity of the Electralube allows for it to be equally effective when utilized with light bulbs, compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs), fluorescent light bulb prongs, electrical plug prongs, and any other mechanical electrical connection, including batteries. The Electralube employs a mineral-based non-flash electrical demoisturizer/lubricant that assists in helping to maintain and preserve the long term conductivity of the electrical connection.

One of the product’s overriding benefits is its ability to prevent corrosion with respect to batteries and light bulbs and their bases. Corrosive wear can make the removal of light bulbs especially cumbersome, particularly when they have become entrenched after an extended period. It can also deteriorate the condition of batteries over time as they are housed within their compartments. Through its lubricant properties, the Electralube renders the installation and eventual removal of light bulbs a much easier and safer proposition, by eliminating the possibility of broken glass. In the case of fluorescent bulbs, which have significantly increased in household and commercial use due to their energy saving ability, the Electralube helps to eliminate the considerable risk of the mercury exposure that results when this type of bulb shatters.

Additionally, the Electralube enables virtually all manner of electrical plugs to enter and exit receptacles in a smooth and unobtrusive manner. Electralube also offers the additional convenience of being easily portable and fitting comfortably into the palm of the user’s hand. It is also designed to be considerably durable and is non-flammable, providing peace of mind to those who utilize it.

The Electralube is the subject of U.S. Design Patent # D633, 870, which was granted on March 8, 2011, and its many benefits and capabilities are highlighted on its own website, Dean Thommes now seeks a third party licensee to manufacture, market, and distribute the product for him under a royalty agreement, and potential licensees in the electrical products industry are currently being targeted as candidates.

In July 2011, Mr. Thommes contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct™ to represent the Electralube to potential licensees for a 4 year period. Innovation Direct™ obtains the maximum amount of exposure for the products that it represents through participation in multiple and diverse industry-leading trade shows each year. Exhibits that Innovation Direct™ has attended in recent years include the SHOT Show, the International Home and Housewares Show, the World of Concrete Show, the National Hardware Show, Licensing International, the SEMA and AAPEX Shows and the ERA D2C Convention.

Potential licensees interested in obtaining more information about the Electralube and discussing licensing opportunities with respect to the product can contact the Manufacturer Response Department of Innovation Direct™ at (877) 991-0909 ext. 4285 or at

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