Personal eBook Publishing Platform Instebooks Adds Easy Mapping and Location Features to Enhance eBooks

All Instebooks customized personal publishing Apps for Android now have location and mapping features. Location maps and an Atlas add context to personal narratives, hobbies, and events published in the professional eBook format.

Boston, MA, September 23, 2011 --( Instebooks today announced enhanced mapping capabilities for their personal eBook publishing Apps for Android. Now all of your personal eBooks can have an Atlas right in the eBook. “Everyone has personal stories to tell, eBooks are a great medium for a narrative, and location context and movement provide important depth to these stories,” said InstEbooks Founder Matthew Stowell.

Photos added to Instebooks personal eBooks that are geo-tagged, automatically create a satellite map image of the location. Instebook publishing Apps also offer the option to manually place a pushpin on a map to define a location name, or change one if the GPS readings were inaccurate. Each mapped location is defined as a separate entry in your eBook's index, and a composite map provides the perspective of all the movements contained in the Instebook. “Maps have long provided a crucial orientation for our daily lives; from pre-historic cave drawings, to the Age of Exploration, to the development of national highway systems, maps help us find where we are going and understand our place in the world,” said Stowell.

Many of Instebooks over 50 custom lifestyle, hobby, and interest publishing apps are well-suited for integrated mapping since movement is an important part of the activity. When publishing a Hiking Instebook you can see your progress as you made your way up and down the mountain, maps of each hike, or your Atlas of the entire season. “I recently took my family camping in Acadia National Park, and when I published my Camping Instebook, it was really neat for us to see the places in the park on a map that we covered,” said Stowell. “When we shared our eBook about our Camping trip with friends and family, they were able to use the linked Index to see where each photo we took was in the Park Map.”

Adding an Atlas to personal stories provides a new perspective on an interest. With Wine Instebook, you develop your personal Wine Atlas. “Your Wine Instebook maps might contain both where you drank the wines, at home or out at Le Bernadine in NewYork, and where the wine came from, say the Burgandy region of France or a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand,” explained Stowell. “A real world experience meets virtual tour, all encapsulated in your eBook for you to remember, enjoy, and share.”

Instebooks catalog of custom eBook publishing Apps are available in the Android Market; they make it fun, easy, and fast to publish personal eBooks in the epub format.

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Jules Steinman