Audio Streaming- Increasing Your Website Profit Blog Launches

Audio streaming provides the cutting edge for website owners to increase sales and boost profits. Most PC's are capable of streaming audio and capturing audio streams at minimal cost to the user. All the tools are at one's disposal, all that is needed is knowledge.

Sydney, Australia, April 13, 2007 --( Pkorbs today launched a new blog on utilising audio streaming to boost website sales. Incorporating audio streaming in a website can boost sales by up over 30% owing to the fact it; increases content retention in ones customers, forges a personal connection between website owner and customer, opens doors for the visually challenged and appeals to customers with hectic schedules.

Humans on average retain 15% of content they read. The retention rate increases to 60% if the information is delivered via audio, and by 80% if it is in the audio visual form. More retention results in more returning customers which will translate to greater profits.

The web is becoming an increasingly impersonal marketplace. Audio streaming provides the capability of adding a ‘personal element’ to one’s website. Imagine how confidence will be increased in one’s customers if they can hear one describe the products one sells. Further to this, providing audio testimonials will bring greater trust to ones customer’s than would result from plain text testimonials.

Customers who have hectic schedules have even shorter attention spans. Audio streaming provides a hook to entice such customers, and is fast becoming standard technology with mobile phones and PDA’s. Audio streams can be captured and listened to while customers are ‘on the go’.

The newly launched Audio Streaming- Increasing Your Website Profit Blog provides important and strategic information to website owners. In particular it focuses on the often overlooked aspects of selling online including: retention of content, forging a personal connection between website owner and customer, benefiting the visually challenged and appealing to customers with hectic schedules.

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