Felix Klass Associates Announce Plans for Hong Kong Branch

Felix Klass Associates have announced that the company will be opening an Asian branch to its operations by mid 2012.

Zurich, Switzerland, September 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Felix Klass Associates, the Swiss futures and options specialists have announced that the company will be opening its first Asian trading branch in Hong Kong by June 2012.

Mr. Stephen Clement – head of Felix Klass Associates corporate strategy and development said during the company’s recent shareholders meeting, “On the back of our unprecedented success in recent years here in Europe, we have been planning for a long time now to open an Asian trading branch to further our grip on the international market. I am very pleased today to officially announce for the first time that plans for the opening of our first Asian branch are underway and that we look set to open the branch by June 2012.

“The Asian trading branch will be located in Hong Kong, we have spent much time and deliberation looking at various locations and options for our Asian trading office but after much consideration we have chosen Hong Kong as our initial Asian headquarters.

“The primary objective for the Hong Kong branch will be to expand our Asian client base whilst enabling our main trading office here in Zurich to concentrate our focus more on our European clients.

“At present we have a team over in Hong Kong making the final arrangements for the branch, there is still a lot of groundwork to do before we officially open, but by taking all things into consideration I am pleased to say that the office looks set to open by June next year.

“Robin Mathews, head of our new client department will spend most of 2012 in Hong Kong to oversee the initial launch of the office and to see that our standards in customer service are not compromised in any way. It’s of utmost importance that as we grow as a company we never lose sight of the core values that have created our success here in Europe. Before joining Felix Klass, Robin was head of client relations for Barclays Capital in Hong Kong and considering how well he has performed in his current position here at Felix Klass Switzerland we feel he is the perfect man for the job.”

Mr. Clement said that further details of the new Asian trading office will be confirmed at the company’s next shareholders meeting to be held in November 2011.

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