Free Online Poker Site Publishes Research Proving Beyond Doubt That Online Poker Games Are Not Rigged

London, United Kingdom, September 24, 2011 --( Leading free online poker site have published research from the Online Poker Watchdog that conclusively refutes the many accusations of game rigging and cheating made against online poker sites.

The online poker industry has been plagued by accusations of game rigging since its inception. It is certain that there have been sites that have cheated players and that there will continue to be so but now proof has been found to prove that at the very least, there are respectable websites at which online poker players can play safe in the knowledge that they are playing poker games that are almost identical in every way to live games.

Independent statistical auditor, Online Poker Watchdog ran tests at PartyPoker, PokerStars and OnGame using millions of hands with the aim of finding out once and for all is there really is rigging going on.

First of all 1 million hands were loaded to the sites and the results compared to what would be expected in live games. In the 2nd test they split hands that were ahead and behind pre-flop and compared the results to expected ranges in live games.

The results showed:
At PokerStars the sample was a million hands down loaded and 69,663 pre-flop all-ins coming from tourneys and Sit n Go games. The expectation in live games would be 35,748 winning hands. The test came back with 35,850 winners, providing a deviation of just +102. The 2nd test results contrasting pre-flop all-ins ahead and behind also showed very near normal results.

PartyPoker testing utilized 1.26 million hands that broke down 11,984 hands from $50NL full ring cash game tables. Live game expectancy predicts 6,267 winners. From the test there were 6,198.5 winners - a variance of -68. The pre-flop all-in tests also came in very close to normal.

The OnGame assessments utilised a 1.42 million hand sample together with 12,306 hands coming from $30NL short handed cash games. The live game expectation would be 6,457 winners. The internet site assessments returned with 6,454.5 winners, a variance of -2.5. The pre-flop all-in comparisons not surprisingly were very near normal.

NoPayPOKER Marketing Manager, Nick Moseley comments, "This research really does prove that these respectable sites are totally honest and that it is possible to play poker online for fun and money and be sure you're playing a fair game."

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