Irish Startup Newswhip Reveals What the World is Talking About, Right Now

NewsWhip, the world's first site that uses social data to rank the world's news, has gone live.

Dublin, Ireland, September 24, 2011 --(, a website that tracks online news stories to reveal which are getting the most interest and interaction, has gone live.

NewsWhip tracks tens of thousands of news stories daily and reveals which are getting shared and discussed the most on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, all in real time. The effect is an evolving picture of the world’s news agenda as decided by social network users.

The website tracks stories in topics such as fashion, business strategy, sports, politics, and gossip. In each topic, it shows a ranking of the stories that are trending globally and in various regions, including the US, the UK, and Ireland.

NewsWhip was conceived and built by Dublin-based entrepreneurs Paul Quigley and Andrew Mullaney, and is based in the NDRC as part of the Launchpad accelerator program.

"We're thrilled with the product," said Paul Quigley. "People only share the most engaging and original stories with their social networks, so you can fairly describe NewsWhip as a menu of the day's most engaging news stories. Between Facebook and Twitter, we have a billion careful editors."

“For specific topics like rugby or fashion, there's nowhere to find all of the best stories getting traction right now. NewsWhip addresses that gap. Plus NewsWhip will give publishers an insight into how readers engage with news stories, just as social networks become a critical distribution channel for news publishers,” explained Andrew Mullaney.

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