ScholarBuys Academic Marketing Brings Software Benefits to AAICU Students, Faculty, and Staff

Chicago, IL, September 28, 2011 --( ScholarBuys and the Alabama Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (AAICU) have partnered to facilitate students, faculty, and staff with low-cost software. As a 100% academic software reseller, ScholarBuys Academic Marketing facilitates volume software and technology related agreements to academic institutions nationwide. All 13 AAICU member schools are capable of receiving full benefits from this agreement.

This partnership allows ScholarBuys to negotiate special agreements directly with software manufacturers on the behalf of AAICU. Because of this, AAICU schools are able to obtain special pricing on software licensing that they could not obtain on their own. The ScholarBuys team is cognizant of each manufacturer’s licensing programs and rules. This allows the firm to aid academic institutions with managing their software licenses, and provide information about available options that return the best savings, service and benefits. Microsoft, Adobe and security software comprises the majority of the agreements they facilitate.

Matt Ryan, Vice President of Operations and Marketing at ScholarBuys, is focused on building long-term, stable partnerships with clients. He said, “We provide true value in our overall management and service of the technology agreements that we facilitate. At ScholarBuys, we are thrilled to have obtained this partnership with AAICU. As a company, opportunities like this allow us to do exactly what we do best, that is, provide low-cost software to academic institutions nationwide." This focus has paid off, as ScholarBuys has seen exponential growth, with revenue doubling from 2008 to 2010.

The purpose of AAICU is to promote and protect the interests of independent higher education in Alabama and oversee scholarship fundraising efforts for students attending each of its thirteen member schools. Paul Hankins, President of AAICU, stated, “Partnering with ScholarBuys is simply one effective way in which we can continue to uphold the association’s core values. We are actively involved with over 27 businesses and 230+ contracts in our efforts to leverage the buying power of our schools for better prices and significant savings. We are proud to welcome ScholarBuys to our team.”

ScholarBuys has partnered with other notable academic consortia in the nation, including The Georgia Independent College Association, Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities, North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities.

ScholarBuys Academic Marketing
Kate Burke