New Apps and New Prices for Travelers Who Need to Learn the Language

Startup Launches Affordable Immersion Language Learning Apps for iPhone and iPad

Boulder, IL, September 24, 2011 --( 321Speak, a Boulder-based start-up that makes educational software, has recently released a series of language learning apps for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android smart-phones.

The apps use the same “immersion” method made popular by Rosetta Stone, who leads the language learning market. This method pairs foreign phrases—written and spoken—with images that capture the meaning of the phrases, “immersing” the learner in the new language.

The apps illustrate a general trend in educational software toward mobile devices—a trend that makes such software not only less expensive but also more receptive to the needs of learners.

"We’re an example of how new technologies lead to lower prices and increasing value. Mobile devices are putting price pressure on traditional boxed software; people—myself included—just aren't used to paying too much for something in the App Store, where there is almost perfect competition and 'free' is the most common price point," says 321Speak founder Kyle Wendling. "But we're excited about this trend, we offer more content than our competitors for a fraction of the cost, I love knowing cost won’t be a barrier for someone who wants to use our app to learn a new language.

“We’ll also be able to update and deploy new content quickly as we get a better sense for what different types of language learners need. Right now our apps focus on non-fluent travelers—getting through the airport, getting around town, shopping, dining, meeting new people, and making small talk. But we hope to expand our content into, say, courses helpful for adult ESL students. And since we have both mobile and web-based versions, we can easily offer courses to libraries and schools who want to supplement traditional language learning programs.”

Dan Slanger