JETprotect Corporation Releases “Dual-Purpose” Cortex 2.0 Software for Site Protection & Management

JETprotect, an innovator in the field of high tech surveillance equipment and analytics, announced today the release of Cortex 2.0 Software, a paradigm shift for Site Protection and Management.

Santa Clara, CA, September 24, 2011 --( Large, energy producing installations (Solar, Wind, Nuclear, Petroleum, etc) are vulnerable to theft and vandalism both during and after construction. Add to this their remote locations, and they are easy targets.

“To date, the responsibility of protecting large project sites during construction lies with the construction company,” said Gregory Johnston, CTO of JETprotect. “During the project build-out, perimeter fencing is installed and security personnel are hired to patrol the area overnight. Experience proves that relying on human beings is both expensive and unreliable, as most on-site equipment thefts are ‘inside jobs’ in today’s environment.”

After completion, the owner typically installs his own security system.

JETprotect, Inc. has recently developed a unique, new remote Cortex 2.0 operating system that provides a dual-purpose ‘umbrella’ of protection and a paradigm shift in the protection of property. Cortex 2.0, installed at the beginning of construction, replaces the need for overnight security guards. Thus, operational costs and thefts decrease and profits increase. This same system can then be “handed off” to the Owner/Manager of the project to continue protection during the operational life of the project. Thus, by combining the two security phases (during and after construction) into one product, great savings are realized.

Because Cortex 2.0 provides access and control by authorized iPhone and iPad users, the employees’ productivity and actions can be monitored within the site. Managers can remotely take control of the camera system and view any area in real-time to monitor all activity within the site.

Chuck Scifers, Director of Business Development said that, “The Dual-Purpose Cortex 2.0 Software is both a Security and Management system. The Security function will keep constant surveillance automatically, and will detect, geo-locate, track and alert of possible threats to the facility, with the most reliable, cost –effective sensory awareness protection available today. The Management function provides additional value to the operating company to monitor day-to-day employee activities.”

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JETprotect was founded in March 2008 and is located in Santa Clara, Ca. An R&D / manufacturing company that provides high-tech, harsh environment hardware and analytic software for surveillance and intelligence products for government agencies, corporate security and private safety.

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