TOEFL Plus 20 Campaign Launched in Saudi Arabia

American TOEFL expert, M. Andrew, launches unique "TOEFL Plus 20" Campaign in Saudi Arabia aimed at increasing Saudi TOEFL results by 20 points.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, September 25, 2011 --( Created by one of the most experienced teachers at the Saudi-TOEFL Network, the “TOEFL Plus 20″ program by M. Andrew is a refreshing approach to TOEFL preparation in Saudi Arabia. It’s an 80-hour TOEFL preparation course designed specifically to give Saudi TOEFL test takers what they need to reach their goals.

“Saudi students can do much better on the TOEFL,” says Mr. Andrew, “They just need to work hard within a goal-orientated structure, something I set out to create for them, using my 15+ years of experience teaching English to Saudi students.”

The goal of the program is to increase the student’s overall TOEFL score by at least 20 points. Is a 20-point increase a reasonable goal for a short six-week program? “Definitely!” he declares. “With inside tips and the right strategies at test time, I am very confident that not only can the average Saudi TOEFL student increase his score by at least 20 points, but I believe the TOEFL Plus 20 Campaign can push that Saudi national average from 57 closer to 77!”

A national campaign? Well, he’s obviously set some very high goals for his program. But, as the “TOEFL Plus 20″ Program finds its place with his fellow TOEFL teachers and within the lecture halls and classrooms of prestigious universities and language institutes, Mr. Andrew honestly believes his program can and will make a noticable difference at the national level.

What is it that makes the “TOEFL Plus 20″ Program so unique and successful?

• A clear and attainable goal set from the start
• Use of authentic materials from ETS, the company that makes the TOEFL
• Special focus on typical Saudi weaknesses in English language skills
• Customized lesson plans that focus on improving each individual student’s specific weaknesses
• Structured and purposeful self-study goals along with each lesson
• A positive and encouraging approach that builds and fosters students’ self-confidence
• Inside tips and strategies from TOEFL legends all over the world

For more information about the “TOEFL Plus 20″ Program and its author, M.Andrew, visit the Saudi-TOEFL Network:

The Saudi-TOEFL Network
Renee Wilson