SwingKeys "Unlocks Your Game" with a New Website

New and improved website, www.Swingkeys.com, reintroduces its nifty pocket-size instructional tool to a new generation of golf enthusiasts.

Fairfield, CA, April 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- SwingKeys, LLC is reintroducing its product, SwingKeys Golf, to the public and golf enthusiasts everywhere with its new and improved website, www.Swingkeys.com. The company hopes to not only help golfers play better, but to encourage interested individuals who have never played before, to learn the fundamentals of golf.

The world of golf has now come to include all ages and ethnicities, not to mention that the number of female golfers is also steadily on the rise. SwingKeys, LLC is a company that is stepping up to the plate to ensure that all who express a desire to either learn the game or to improve their playing skills, have the opportunity to do so.

By incorporating new images, content, background information about the company and a shopping cart to purchase the SwingKeys Golf product, those who are unfamiliar with the SwingKeys name and product will have a fresh introduction.

"I have always felt that technology is the great equalizer. When we first built the original SwingKeys website, I was primarily interested in getting the product out there. Our new website has a target audience which includes, high handicappers, women, juniors and ethnic minorities," according to Clayton Lloyd, founder of SwingKeys, LLC and an avid golf enthusiast and entrepreneur.

By providing a product that contains nine pages of tips, rules and instructions equipped with step-by-step illustrations, SwingKeys Golf seeks to eliminate the intimidation many people may feel when it comes to learning to play the game. According to Lloyd, when a person is comfortable with the rules and steps, they can truly focus on playing and having more fun.

"Research has found that creating an initial 'positive experience' for beginners is central to how much they practice and play the game in the future. The website is the starting point for all beginners, purchasing the product is the second step in the process and thirdly, clipping SwingKeys to your bag completes the cycle. Now you have a 'golf pro' at your fingertips," according to Lloyd.

By promoting the new website, SwingKeys also plans to expand its product line to include pocket-size instructional tools for a wide range of sports. The SwingKeys mission is to help educate consumers and enhance sports performance to a point where anyone can play the game effortlessly, whether that person is a beginner or a pro.

"We envision the development of products like SwingKeys tennis, baseball, softball, racquetball, squash, hockey, etc. All SwingKeys products designed to help players 'unlock their game,'" says Lloyd.

SwingKeys, LLC
Clayton Lloyd