New Report on Visible Light Communication (VLC) Addresses Wireless Spectrum Shortage

Visible Light communication (VLC) is slated to be a key means to address the wireless spectrum shortage expected in the communications industry.

Hartford, CT, September 26, 2011 --( Global Information Inc. presents "Visible Light Communication (VLC) - A Potential Solution to the Global Wireless Spectrum Shortage" by GBI Research.

Wireless Spectrum Shortage Issues Such as NetworkCongestion to Benefit from VLC:

Visible Light communication (VLC) is slated to be a key means to address the wireless spectrum shortage expected in the communications industry. The wireless spectrum shortage simply stated means that there is just not enough network capacity to address the emerging demand and the effects are already visible, like network congestion, with users complaining of slow network speeds and dropping of calls. The current spectrum is expected to be consumed by the operators in three to five years at the current rate of proceedings. As shown in the figure below, the network capacity over the next five years will not be able to make up for the expected network traffic.

A way to address the spectrum shortage is by offloading traffic to secondary technologies like VLC. Visible Light Communication is expected and intended to become a complimentary feature to existing wireless connections and work in tandem with them to prepare a robust last mile connectivity technology.

Visible Light Communication Solution to Last Mile Connectivity:

Visible Light Communication (VLC) could potentially be an economical, secured solution to the problem of last mile connectivity. Apart from its usage in lighting, LEDs in the bulbs can also be used for wireless communication which can significantly improve security and capacity over fiber optic communication. The LED link is untethered and hence enables a communication link with many mobile devices like laptops and mobile phones. Untethered link refers to the fact that a user is independent of any one host, and can get the same information at other optical hosts. Power line communications and indoor communications are two significant applications where the connectivity between the gadgets and the data providers cause bottleneck issues. VLC can thus play an important role along with other wireless technologies like Wi-Fi to address this problem.

Higher Costs for VLC-Based Devices Present a Challenge to its Adoption:

The cost of the first Visible Light Communication (VLC) based devices will be starting from the lower range of $500, according to Dr. Hanny Elgala, Electrical Engineering Department, Jacobs University, Bremen. The average LED lighting lamp costs $30 according to him and this will be the biggest market restraint VLC will have to face before it enters the commercial market. Though there are immense cost savings of up to 80% on electricity bills, the psychological barrier of spending big money on a newly introduced technology can take years. So researchers need to use better and cheaper materials to significantly reduce the costs.

VLC Market Will be Driven by Government initiatives to Replace Incandescent Lamps with LEDs:

The governments across the world are pushing for the replacement of incandescent lamps by CFLs and LEDs which is expected to be a significant driver for the VLC technology market. This replacement as shown in the table in the report is faster in the European Union region compared to other geographical regions. Although the initial costs of LEDs and CFLs are higher than Incandescent lamps, creating awareness among consumers, providing government subsidies and reduction of market rates due to increased production will go a long way in ensuring that LEDs will soon be found in many places.

About the Report
GBI Research's new report, "Visible Light Communication (VLC) - A Potential Solution to the Global Wireless Spectrum Shortage", provides the key information and analysis on Visible Light Communication technology and market. Visible Light Communication or VLC is a method by which Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are used to transmit data using visible light as a transmitting medium.

The report covers the latest information and research efforts of various companies and institutes on VLC across the world. The report provides market size for different component types used in VLC and also provides analysis on the key VLC end user market segments. The report also provides comparative case studies between VLC, Infrared and RF communications. It also gives an in-depth analysis of Visible Light Communication becoming a potential solution to the global wireless spectrum shortage.

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