Quicker Route to High Performance Revealed at Business Performance Summit

Adaptation chairman shows business transformation leaders new approach to simultaneously and quickly delivering multiple corporate objectives.

Peterborough, United Kingdom, September 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Current approaches to transforming performance are unnecessarily expensive, and companies are missing an affordable way of quickly achieving multiple objectives according to Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas speaking at the 2011 Business Performance Summit in Berlin. He warns “even if these initiatives eventually deliver some of what was initially desired the world may have moved on. Why persevere with pain and disruption when a proven alternative can deliver positive results in a few months?”

The Adaptation chairman and author of Winning Companies; Winning People claims many performance improvement initiatives are far too general, expensive and time consuming, when far more focussed and cost-effective ways of simultaneously delivering beneficial outcomes for both people and organisations are available. He finds “In many companies an array of costly corporate initiatives conflict with each other, distract people and cause confusion. Boards are barking up the wrong trees.”

Adaptation’s research programme identifies critical success factors and what high performers do differently in areas contributing directly to the bottom line. He showed summit delegates how to liberate and build the talents of both ordinary and exceptional people, and how to enable them to emulate superior approaches.

The Adaptation chairman explained how people and organisations can benefit from capturing and sharing what high performers do differently, and making it easier for average people to excel 24/7 at difficult jobs wherever they may be. Huge returns on investment of over 20, 30 or 70 times have been quickly obtained by early adopters of this approach to creating high performance organisations.

Coulson-Thomas believes “there is a proven and cost-effective route to the creation of a flexible high performance organisation in which average people can understand complex areas and excel at difficult jobs. With many of us facing an unknown future, the approach I will set out in a forthcoming report enables companies to remain relevant, competitive and vital during an uncertain journey.”

Critical success factors for key corporate activities, and what high performers do differently, have been identified and enable 24/7 support to be provided to average performers to enable them to emulate the approaches of superstars. Coulson-Thomas’ findings mean “Companies can avoid portfolios of unaffordable and disruptive corporate transformation projects, and adopt swift, flexible and cost effective alternatives that generate large returns on investment.”

Coulson-Thomas investigates practical ways of quickly boosting corporate performance and achieving various beneficial outcomes for people and organisations at a price that can be afforded. His research has involved a multiyear comparison of data sets covering key corporate activities in over 2,000 companies and over 400 professional firms, and an examination of what certain alternative approaches deliver.

During the summit delegates emphasised the importance of engagement. Coulson-Thomas believes approaches he has developed address this requirement head on: “People don’t jump out of bed each morning wanting to fail. The right performance support can engage them and make it easy for them to excel. Companies can compete and win now with the people they currently have.”

Colin Coulson-Thomas was speaking at the 2nd Annual Business Performance Summit at the Maritim proArte Hotel, Berlin, Germany. His opening plenary presentation was on “The smart performing company – which methods, factors and behaviours create performance success.” The approach he outlined at the summit will be set out in his forthcoming report on the future of talent management and performance support.

Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas, author of Winning Companies; Winning People and a new report on talent management and creating high performance organisations is an international consultant who has helped over 100 boards to improve board and corporate performance. He is chairman of Adaptation, process vision holder of complex transformation programmes and a business school academic at the University of Greenwich. He can be contacted via http://www.coulson-thomas.com. Reports covering his investigations are available from http://www.policypublications.com

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