New Report Shows How to Boost Benefits from Learning and Knowledge Management

Five year study outlines an approach that can deliver multiple objectives and represents a quicker and more affordable route to high performance. - July 24, 2013

Award Winner Tells Global Forum That Change Management Practices Need to Change

Award Winner Tells Global Forum That Change Management Practices Need to Change

New reports reveal quicker and more affordable ways of delivering multiple benefits. - July 16, 2012

New Report Outlines a More Affordable Route to Transforming Public Services

New Report Outlines a More Affordable Route to Transforming Public Services

Results of five-year investigation suggests public sector managers and politicians should shift their focus from ‘leading’ to ‘helping’ - June 07, 2012

New Report Calls for an End to Costly "Talent Wars"

New Report Calls for an End to Costly "Talent Wars"

Five-year investigation uncovers a more affordable route to high performance. - May 30, 2012

Adaptation Chairman Puts the Case for Actionable CSR at Global Convention

New reports show a more affordable way of achieving multiple benefits. - April 25, 2012

Adaptation Investigation Finds Trying to Change Corporate Cultures Can be a Waste of Time

Adaptation chairman tells European conference that some costly and disruptive initiatives should be abandoned and key work groups given better support. - January 24, 2012

Leading Civil Servants Shown Quicker and More Cost Effective Way of Transforming Public Services

Adaptation chairman outlines new route to working with existing people and resources to simultaneously deliver multiple benefits to users and providers to public sector leaders - December 16, 2011

Business Leaders at Global Convention Told That Adaptation Research Shows Changes Needed in Corporate Boardrooms

Adaptation chairman calls for a different focus, approach and membership that could help average boards create high performance organisations. - October 25, 2011

Quicker Route to High Performance Revealed at Business Performance Summit

Adaptation chairman shows business transformation leaders new approach to simultaneously and quickly delivering multiple corporate objectives. - September 26, 2011

New Call from Adaptation for Investors and Regulators to Focus on Boardroom Conduct

Regulators and international experts told by Adaptation Chairman to look at board behaviours. - July 28, 2011

Adaptation Chairman Tells Business Leaders Collaboration is the Key to Business Success and a More Sustainable Future

World Congress learns from Peterborough – the UK’s Environment City. - July 11, 2011

World Environment Congress Encouraged to Learn from Pigeon with One Leg

Adaptation research suggests thinking of others is the key to business success and a sustainable world. - June 29, 2011

Adaptation Research Suggests Talent Management Strategies Are an Unsustainable Obsession

Chief Financial Officers told to challenge HR colleagues in the boardroom. - June 20, 2011

Adaptation Chairman Shows International Conference Better Ways of Delivering Social Responsibility Policies

Bottom up approaches that engage and empower can achieve multiple outcomes. - June 16, 2011

Adaptation Chairman Tells HR Leaders to Step Up or Face Marginalisation in the Boardroom

HR could take ownership of social networking and make a more strategic contribution to organisational agility, resilience, flexibility and sustainability. - March 16, 2011

Adaptation Chairman Shows HR High Fliers How Talent Management is Missing Opportunities

Research uncovers massive opportunity to benefit people and organisations by capturing and sharing what high performers do differently - February 18, 2011

Adaptation Chairman Outlines Ways of Reducing Gaps Between Board Promises and Performance at World Congress

Failing transformation initiatives can be replaced by proven ways of delivering multiple benefits - February 14, 2011

HR Leaders Told HR Heads Should Not Necessarily Sit at the Boardroom Table

Adaptation research suggests function heads should be on top or on tap depending upon their personal qualities and what they can contribute - October 11, 2010

Adaptation Research Shows Global Conference Shown How a Green Vision Can Differentiate and Energise

Business leaders learn how to turn their organisation into a cause - September 28, 2010

Adaptation Chairman Shows Business Leaders How Innovative Strategies Could Improve World Health

Global summit to be shown how new approaches to sustainability can benefit business, the environment and people’s health. - July 26, 2010

Adaptation Chairman Shows Summit How Research Findings and New Performance Tools Can Transform Economic Prospects

New approach to boosting performance could regenerate struggling companies, forgotten regions and war ravaged areas. - June 04, 2010

Adaptation Chairman Shows HR Technology Summit How Focus on Job Support Generates High Returns on Investment

Research findings from Adaptation reveal a practical and low cost approach that impacts quickly and directly on bottom line performance. - March 15, 2010

Adaptation Shows New Tools for Ensuring Compliance and Providing Ethical Leadership at World Congress

Boards need to move on from formulating codes of practice to equipping people to implement them - February 12, 2010

Adaptation Chairman Shows How a New Generation of Learning Tools Can be Used to Transform Education

A new approach to education based upon Adaptation research can boost understanding and the capability to do difficult jobs. - February 01, 2010

Adaptation Chairman Develops New Approach to Revitalising the Professions

White paper shows how professional bodies can remain relevant, current and vital. - December 11, 2009

White Paper Outlines New Approach to Transforming Healthcare

New support tools can reduce healthcare costs and benefit both doctors and patients. - November 23, 2009

New Adaptation Call for a Widening of the Director Gene Pool

Adaptation chairman tells international conference that company nomination committees should consider experienced candidates from the voluntary, public and professional sectors for board appointments. - November 02, 2009

Adaptation Research Suggests New Right to Request Flexible Working Could Have Harmful Consequences

Adaptation chairman warns Parliamentary inquiry of unintended results of new proposals that could get in the way of beneficial changes. - November 02, 2009

New White Paper Shows How to Help Customers Save the Environment

A new approach to helping customers behave responsibly can benefit the environment and contribute to tackling climate change. - October 02, 2009

Climate Change Issues Can be Addressed by Adaptation Approach to Responsible Purchasing

Adaptation chairman shows business leaders new approach to enabling people to assess the harmful impacts of available options and make buying decisions that benefit the environment - June 24, 2009

Inaugural Lecture of New Customer Management Institute Identifies Recession Opportunities

Customer service professionals shown how to turn economic recession to advantage. - April 07, 2009

White Paper Shows Benefits of New Generation Websites in a Recession

New generation websites can transform relationships with customers and prospects. - February 02, 2009

New Customer Management Initiative for Africa

African entrepreneurs and practitioners are to be helped to build more profitable and lasting customer relationships. - January 26, 2009

New Support Services for Those Aspiring to Become World Class at Commissioning

Health organisations, local authorities, and other public bodies as well as companies can now improve their approach to commissioning by learning from best practice. - January 06, 2009

New Book Holds Key to Building an Effective Board of Competent Directors

A new book ‘Developing Directors, A handbook for building an effective boardroom team’ by Adaptation's Colin Coulson-Thomas shows how director and board development can boost organisational performance, ensure continuing relevance and lead to corporate success - June 25, 2007

Adaptation Ltd Reveals New Approach to Boosting Workgroup Productivity

A new approach to management developed by Adaptation Ltd and related support tools can transform workgroup productivity and corporate performance. - March 06, 2007

Adaptation Ltd Announces New Support Services to Help Boards Shape the Future

Adaptation Ltd now offers support for boards wishing to challenge traditional assumptions. The new services will help companies create distinct offerings, establish new markets and provide customers with additional choices. - February 06, 2007

New Resources for Winning More Competitive Bids

A range of new support services from Adaptation Ltd could help most companies to increase their bidding win rates by adopting more of the critical success factors identified by a winning business research team led by the company's chairman Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas. - February 03, 2007

New Book Shows How Average Performers Can Become Superstars

In his new book ‘Winning Companies; Winning People’ Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas shows how average performers can become superstars and ordinary companies world leaders. Workgroup productivity and corporate performance can be transformed to deliver commercial success for organisations and personal satisfaction for individuals. - January 31, 2007

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