Tejitsu Founder Affiliates with American Federation of Jujitsu

Grand Master Gary Bennett, founder of Tejitsu, is proud to announce his affiliation with the AFJ. The American Federation of Jujitsu was formed in 1977. It is the World's largest open style Jujitsu Association.

Derry, PA, September 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Originally developed and taught in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Tejitsu is an independent, American jujitsu-based martial art specializing in Infighting (or close quarter combat).

Since its inception in 1989, Tejitsu has undergone many changes and advancements, including tripling the size of the original repertoire in 1992 and adding acupressure training to the syllabus for senior instructors in 1998.

What makes Tejitsu unique is the science behind its development including:

The standardization of all variations within each technique, making it easier to learn and enabling beginners to develop usable self-defense techniques from the very start. The standardization of movement across similar techniques helps students learn new material more quickly.

Adding strikes and kicks to neutralize the attacker before applying each and every lock or throw.

Restricting the footwork to make the techniques applicable in the tightest possible area, relying on stunning the attacker long enough to perform the technique rather than on keeping him off balance with quick pivots and directional changes.

Developing a third theory of motion (Neutrality) to give the student more options and directions in which to move and throw.

Adding new techniques including reaps, sweeps and pressure point attacks, giving students new material through 9th Degree Black Belt.

Bennett has been the recipient of 10 International Hall of Fame awards for Lifetime Achievement, Outstanding Contribution to the Arts and Excellence in Writing.

His system and rank have most recently been re-certified by the following organizations:

American Federation of Jujitsu
United States Martial Arts Association
World Hombu Dojo Association


American Tejitsu Academy
Gary Bennett
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