Grandmaster Gary Bennett, founder of Tejitsu releases New Martial Arts eBook on September 6, 2011

Gary Bennett, founder of Tejitsu and owner of the American Tejitsu Academy, has recently published a new eBook titled “Infighting Secrets!”

Derry, PA, September 26, 2011 --( This 215 page, extensively illustrated, reference book is a re-write of his first book, “Aikido Techniques & Tactics,” published in 1998 by Human Kinetics. The primary difference is that it now focuses entirely on his system Tejitsu as a jujitsu-based system.

“The great thing about reacquiring the publishing rights to my materials is that I can now offer the book as I had originally intended it to be, instead of what the publisher changed it into.”

“Infighting Secrets!” is a study of how to make techniques found in judo, aikido, jujitsu and some other forms work in close quarter combat situations, which is Tejitsu's specialty.

Bennett states, "When I initially began working on developing my own system my focus became trying to improve the efficiency of the technique I had learned over nearly a dozen years of study. While the techniques were effective when applied, it just took too much for them to be performed. If you have been around the martial arts long enough, you realize that you will most likely be trying to use your skills in a situation where you have no room to maneuver. If you would like to learn how to use a tight situation to your own advantage, you'll want to get this book."

“Infighting Secrets!” may be purchased through Paypal and downloaded directly from his website

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