Hip-IP.com Now Stocks Market Leading Skype™ Enabled DualPhones

Port Erin, United Kingdom, April 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Users can now experience the huge benefits of Skype™ without the need for a PC. Hip-IP.com now stock the RTX DualPhone 3088 and Netgear SPH200D, both of which allow the user to make and receive Skype™ enabled telephone calls without a PC.

The dual mode technology also means that these excellent products can also make regular PSTN (landline) telephone calls from the same unit. Both products have easy to navigate keypads that allow you to easily distinguish between landline and internet calls, there colour screens also allow you to search through your Skype contacts to see who is online.

Hip-IP.com is particularly impressed with the sleek and stylish design of both products that are a far cry from some of the original dual phone products that required a PC. These products look no different to a 'standard' house phone and would not look out of place anywhere within the home.

Add to this a sturdiness that reassures and a 1 year manufacturers warranty they are an attractive prospect for both newcomers to VoIP and old hands.

With the recent launch of Philips VoIP 841 (in stock shortly) the market and popularity of these type of products is hotting up. Consumers are now waiting with bated breath for the next development in this technology which is bringing much lower call rates (if not free calls) to the masses. You can be sure whatever those developments are Hip-IP.com will be on the case.

Hip-IP.com is an online retailer specialising in Internet Telephony equipment including Skype™ enabled DualPhones, Desk Phone and VoIP USB Phones. They dispatch products worldwide.

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