Lady Justice And Dr. Death Released by Mystery Author Robert Thornhill

Author, Robert Thornhill, releases Lady Justice And Dr. Death, the sixth installment in the Lady Justice mystery/comedy series.

Independence, MO, September 27, 2011 --( Author Robert Thornhill announces the release of the sixth installment in his Lady Justice mystery/comedy series, Lady Justice And Dr. Death.

The first four novels in the series, Lady Justice Takes A C.R.A.P. City Retiree Action Patrol, Lady Justice And The Lost Tapes, Lady Justice Gets Lei’d and Lady Justice And The Avenging Angels were released earlier in the year by Tate Publishing.

All six novels are currently available through bookstores, online and on the author’s website.

Christina Jones writes: "Walt Williams, retired real estate agent-turned cop, is off to a new adventure in Robert Thornhill's sixth installment of his Lady Justice mystery-comedy series, Lady Justice And Dr. Death. Robert has also written the seven volume set of Rainbow Road chapter books for children

"This time Walt deals with the moral implications of a Jack Kevorkian-like Dr. Death who helps terminally ill patients peacefully and painlessly commit suicide. The pros and cons of euthanasia are even-handedly discussed as the case progresses and Walt goes undercover as a terminally ill old man.

"This book also has a sub-plot harkening back to the last story, Lady Justice And The Sting, following up on the corruption of the drug companies.

"Without giving away too much of the story, Walt is targeted twice for assassination, has an out-of-body / near-death experience, and eventually brings both stories to satisfying conclusions.

"Throughout it all, his feisty group of senior family and friends, help him to both catch the bad guys and come to his rescue, as they debate the feelings of their own mortality and how they feel about 'right to die with dignity' issues. A new character is introduced: Walt's half-brother, Mark Davenport, son of Walt's father. Wonder if he'll be appearing in future episodes, too?

"As usual, Thornhill writes with reliable factual knowledge and lots of guy-humor, producing a story that is fun to read. The moral dilemmas posed in his books reflect the real world the reader faces. We might like to think that justice is a black-and-white issue, but in reality, there are millions of shades of grey... some lighter, some darker. It is good for us to be able to reflect upon our own opinions without feeling we have been subjected to a lecture.

"Entertaining and thought-provoking... what more could one ask from a book?"

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ISBN: 978-1466283312

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