Offers Assistance to EMS and Community Emergency Response Teams to Prepare for Disaster

Community Emergency Response Team CERT kits are lifesaving tools when placed in the right hands. Community members helping neighbors in a time of need. To encourage community support for Emergency Response Teams, offers special discounts on CERT kits.

Vancouver, WA, September 27, 2011 --( offers help for Community Emergency Response Teams across the country to get the tools and equipment needed for a disaster at a considerable discount. Will T., the Site director says, "Every community or neighborhood should have, or form some kind of Community Emergency Response Team!" Will goes on to explain that wants to do its part to help by providing the right tools for the job.

Many Community members’ across the country have already formed teams to be ready to help their families, friends, and neighbors when the next disaster strikes. Using the proper tools and lifesaving equipment contained in's CERT kits, lives can and will be saved following an emergency or disaster. Each item contained in these CERT kits has been carefully selected using government guidelines.

Our country in the last year has seen many disasters, unexpected earthquakes, relentless tornadoes, massive floods, and the worst hurricane season in years. It's the communities with members that pull together to help each other that thrive, and survive. Emergency Management Services gets overwhelmed in large crisis, or disasters. So everyone can do their part by supporting or forming your own Community Emergency Response Team. doesn't just offer physical tools to assist Community Emergency Response Teams, but they also offer CERT Field Handbooks, and CERT standard forms. These can be important training aids when working with new members, as well as a great refresher for the rest of the team. They provide a more structured procedure that can be easily followed even in a time of crisis.

Packs4Survival carries only the trusted brands, and highest quality items for its CERT kits. In honor of National Disaster Preparedness Month, if you type in the following discount code during checkout: DC1007E10, will provide a special discount on all of its CERT kits during the months of September and October. is an online provider of Community Emergency Response Team kits. They make it easy and affordable for any community to get prepared with CERT kits. For more information, visit

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