Sharon Doyle and Joao Vincient Lewis Guest on EOE to Promote The LOVE Record & Label

LOVE (Love Our Vulnerable Earth) Records Promotes the Love We All Have for Planet Earth

San Diego, CA, September 27, 2011 --( Dawna Lee Heising of “Eye on Entertainment” interviewed Sharon Doyle and Joao Vincent Lewis about their new LOVE Record and Label. The Label’s first album “LOVE” is all about preserving the Environment and Sustainable Energy. LOVE is a new concept album and record label, which will be featuring artists in Jazz-Jazz fusion, Rock, R& B, Funk, Pop, Heavy Metal, Folk, Blues, Techno, Classical-Orchestral and Hip-hop.

LOVE Records is the brainchild of Producer Sharon Doyle. LOVE (Love Our Vulnerable Earth) Records is about the love we all have for planet Earth. The label was started in 2011 after Doyle’s annual trip to Sedona, AZ. While in Sedona she realized that she wanted to create awareness through music about issues that we are facing here on Earth, blending the young and inexperienced artist with the more seasoned in the music industry. To see the EOE interview with Sharon Doyle and Joao Vincient Lewis, please go to:

The first song, and first album, called “Love” was inspired one day in Sedona while seeing several electric Tesla Roadsters driving around town. When Doyle returned to San Diego she enlisted the help of a seasoned composer Joao Vincient Lewis. Together they would write, compose and produce “Love.” The first song is recorded with a group of very talented children ranging from age 5 to 14. This talented group of children is known by the name “Electric Kids.” The song talks about their future with the Electric Car.

Other songs on the album include: “Aqua,” which is about Earth‘s water; “Soleil” is about our natural energy - the Sun; “Terra” is about Planet Earth; “Aratica“ is about the Global Warming that's happening everyday; “Nutrafoodical” is about the importance of eating nutritionally; “Ecosphere” is about making the right conditions so life might survive; and “Cosmos” is about travel to other planets. To learn more about Love records and how you might get involved in making a difference on planet earth, you can visit the website at Or reach them at: 1-949-41-LOVE2, or by email at:

Sharon Doyle is a multi-talented businesswoman, actress and producer. She is a successful management consultant who has appeared in more than 700 infomercials for her clients and an actress who has appeared in “Scarface”, "The Chronicle” and “Fierce Target" (due out in the spring 2012), among other roles. Doyle is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and producer and host of a Green Technology show called “” on“KCBQ 1170 am on Sunday nights at 9 pm.

Joao Vincent Lewis, also known as Soham Blessings, has recorded and performed around the world with award-winning theater companies, modern dance troupes and internationally acclaimed bands such as SoulRaye, Godsmack, David Parsons Dance Company, Luscious Jackson, Sam Newsome, and Scotsman “Fridge First Award” winning ensemble of the shoestring Players. Lewis is a graduate of Antioch College; he has also worked around the world as a DJ with the Top American company. His lecture-demonstration workshop “Hands on World Music” has served numerous special audiences coast to coast for over 20 years. For more information on Lewis, please visit http:// or

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