Remarkable Natural Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Stops Hunger in Its Tracks without Stimulants or Side Effects

Super Human Radio reveals a powerful and effective natural appetite suppressant that is also safe for anyone to use.

Louisville, KY, April 13, 2007 --( Carl Lanore, host of the popular Super Human Radio show, the world's first broadcast radio show dedicated to human performance, hardcore strength, fitness and nutrition, revealed a powerful and effective natural appetite suppressant that is also safe for anyone to use.

On a recent episode of the radio show Lanore interviewed Mary Lesser of Magna Pharmaceuticals. Magna is a prescription pharmaceutical company that produces both prescription and over-the-counter products marketed through physicians.

Magna recently released a product called Z-Slim of which the main ingredient is a unique polyunsaturated fatty acid called Pinolenic Acid which is derived from the Korean Pine Nut.

“Pinolenic Acid works so well that users see up to a 60% decrease in appetite,” explained Lesser, “This occurs from an increase in two key hormones that signal a sense of being full to the brain.”

Pinolenic Acid has been show in human studies to increase cholecystokinin (CCK) by 60% and glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) by 25% for up to 4 hours. CCK is produced in the stomach towards the end of the digestive process. Lesser told the host “By taking a Z-Slim an hour prior to a meal, your sense of hunger is gone by the time you’re ready to eat so you eat much less food.”

Unlike many other appetite suppressants, Pinolenic Acid is not a stimulant. In fact “Pinolenic Acid is also good for some other things as well,” Host Lanore told his listeners “it has been shown to lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol.”

Lanore told his audience that when producing the radio spots which aired the day of the interview, Clearchannel Radio’s legal department made him lower the actual claimed weight loss of one of the testimonial subjects. “My creative department said they couldn’t air Terry’s weight loss of 25 pounds in 3 weeks even though it was the truth because the FDA would only allow a maximum claimed weight loss of 15 pounds in two weeks.”

Lesser told the listeners “Z-Slim cost about $1.00 a day to use and the weight loss seen by its users is very consistently around 2 pounds a week. It is safe for anyone to use and does not effect those with peanut allergies.”

For more information about Z-Slim you can visit the website – Mary Lesser can be reached at (502) 254-5552.

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