Web Doctor Launch Health Insurance Comparison Site in Response to NHS Crisis

Web Doctor launches a Health Insurance Comparison Website in response to public concern about the treatment capacity of the NHS and the postcode lottery for receiving treatment and drugs.

London, United Kingdom, September 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Web Doctor give the public an online platform to compare various health insurance policies amidst doubts about the ability of the NHS to provide comprehensive care for all.

Richard Brewster, Managing Director and Founder of Web Doctor says, "We have introduced this new website to give the public the opportunity to find out how much private health insurance will cost by being put in touch with industry experts. Health insurance companies tend to confuse the public with mountains of brochures, quotations and policy wordings all offering variations of cover. The public value a clear, concise and free service to break through the jargon and ensure they fully understand their options whether they are taking cover out for the first time or looking for alternatives at renewal."

Health Insurance has recently become a real option for the UK public due to the continuing crisis in the NHS and the well-publicised 'Postcode Lottery' for healthcare that can result in people who live in different postcode areas being denied sometimes-essential drugs and treatment solely because they reside outside a particular catchment area. Due to the rise of the Internet many people can now use a Health Insurance Comparison Site in order to find the most suitable policy.

Richard Brewster goes onto say, "We all know the NHS is in crisis with funding being reigned in and cutbacks inevitable. This will have the impact of the “postcode lottery” only getting worse and the public are concerned that their postal address will impact on whether they can get vital treatments at a time of need. For those who can afford to pay an additional amount Health insurance is now seen as a necessity rather than a luxury and we are seeing hundreds of enquiries for a full spectrum of age groups and backgrounds."

The sheer scope of the Health Insurance policies available has led to many people actively seeking providers in order to safeguard themselves and their families from NHS limitations in regard to essential healthcare.

Richard Brewster concludes by saying, "Insurers are now making Health Insurance more accessible to a wider range of people by developing innovative products that have become available in order to try and meet the differing needs and budgets of those who would like to have access to this vital service."

Web Doctor is a web based comparison site of Insured Health Ltd whose Directors have over 50 years experience in the Health Insurance market. Established in 2011 the ambition is to provide the public with access to advisers who can provide unbiased, jargon free advice on buying health insurance.

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