BeamYourScreen Launches Version 4 for Advanced Desktop Sharing

BeamYourScreen announces the launch of its next release, Version 4, bringing with it greater cross-platform desktop sharing capabilities and an array of new software features and languages. Customers benefit from the advanced ability to customize the software to suit their online meeting needs.

Mannheim, Germany, September 28, 2011 --( The award-winning provider of online collaboration solutions, BeamYourScreen, has today announced the launch of its next software release, BeamYourScreen Version 4. The official announcement follows a successful beta stage of the new software and coincides with the launch of the product’s new Version 4 website in four languages: English, German, French and Polish.

Since 2004, BeamYourScreen has been providing its customers with a high-quality desktop sharing program used for online meetings and sales presentations. With the release of BeamYourScreen Version 4, one of the first notable advantages of the software is its new native Linux client. This enables customers to start or join sessions from a Linux computer and take part in desktop sharing sessions with others on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. On top of this, Version 4 brings an array of advanced features for customers:

- New-Look User Interface
- Multi-User Whiteboard
- Chat
- Profile Manager
- Custom Logo Branding
- Multi-Monitor Support
- Participant Emoticons
- Customization of Features

While the new Version 4 features build on the already extensive software feature list, one of the main advantages behind the new release is the added functionality and ability to customize the software for different desktop sharing purposes.

“A key difference of BeamYourScreen Version 4 that will make it stand out from the crowd, are the customization options that enable customers to re-shape the software to suit their needs,” explains Mark Zondler, BeamYourScreen’s Co-Managing Director. “While we provide the same standard software for all customers, the power lies in the hands of the beholder – customers can disable features they don’t need, create different profiles for different desktop sharing use cases, and even integrate their company logo into the software interface.”

The new Version 4 features can also expect a warm welcome on the international scene considering the number of different interface languages that the software includes. While BeamYourScreen has released its new Version 4 website in four languages, the software itself has been translated into over thirty languages.

The BeamYourScreen Version 4 software can be downloaded from the new product website

Press Contact:
Andrew Donnelly
About BeamYourScreen

Established in Germany in 2004 by Erik Boos and Mark Zondler, BeamYourScreen is a renowned provider of innovative web collaboration solutions, whose product range consists of software solutions for online meetings, online presentations, and remote support. At present, more than 2,000 corporate customers in over 40 countries worldwide are using the BeamYourScreen technology and benefiting from significantly reduced travel time and travel expenses. The makeup of these customers ranges from small and medium sized enterprises to large global corporations such as Toshiba, Yamaha, and Roche.

Andrew Donnelly